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Introducing SeaKnots Academy

Watch this video and visit to know more!

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Sailing in the Buff

Lou, for some unknown reason the group has mysteriously vanished.  It no longer appears on my page either.  Hope it wasn't something we said!

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Beneteau 43 two cabin slip covers

We are taking out cat Genny to the Bahamas this year and I am fearful of the beautiful white leatherette salon cushions.  If anyone has had cushions made could you please give us a name of the maker.  We can make them ourselves if we had the dimensions but would be happy if there was a custom supplier.  The boat is in the Abacos and we are in Halifax so we can't go and measure.

Many thanks, John

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Driving East in the Westbound Lane

Only in the Dominican Republic have I experienced the challenge of driving in an easterly direction on the shoulder of the west bound lane. This occurs where Highway #5 from Semana merges with Hwy #3 to Punta Cana. …


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A sweet day with my daughter.


I awoke at 0600 and after making the needed head call I returned to my bunk to check out the weather on my Kindle, read the USA Today news, and listen to Pandora’s comedy channel for a bit. Tim, my friend from the marina, had invited me to ...join him to get breakfast so I got…

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Bliss it is....

January 11, 2013 seems like eons ago. The frenetic pace that moved me from a comfortably numb existence to living the dream is overwhelming. Where have I been these past three months, where am I now, and where am I going are the questions I am learning to answer in the present tense. Following the philosophy of Eckhart Toll in his books about the "Power of Now" it is clear that doing so empowers one to enjoy the roses along life's twists and turns.

Weaving philosophy throughout my…


Added by Marlene Anne Sassaman on April 15, 2013 at 11:48am — 3 Comments

battered but still in the game

Before heading off to work on Friday I packed my stuff for a weekend on the boat and stowed it in the car; gym bag, toiletries and laptop.  At 5:30 I check out of the office and headed east towards New Bern, stopping briefly to fuel up at Sam’s Club.  Arriving at the dock it was still light out as I loaded my gear in a dock cart and proceeded to the boat.  Climbing aboard I settled in after a quick check of the bilges and other routine tasks such as opening the thru hull valves for the…


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oil slicks and things that go stink in the night....

there i sa bit of my engine that has been missing for over 2000 miles--and i donot remember ever seeing it in place.  isnt something one would look for--is the  plug or cap to the  hole which is used to  adjust the engine.  could be for timing adjustments--i never had to have timing adjusted so i didnt think about the problem being something so simple.

  this is a small  plug or cap that covers a   little adjustment port on the…


Added by zeehag on May 27, 2013 at 5:00am — 8 Comments

Getting things done

Kai, one of my daughter’s very good friends, and I drove down to the boat Sunday morning with plans to do some maintenance and boat chores.  Kai is interested in the boating life style and had asked several times to come along with me.  It was fun to have his company as he talked about his studies in college, his aspiration to become a video game developer, as well as some of his opinions about a plethora of topics.  It…

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Anew sailing year

Another year has passed. We were one of the lucky ones who took their boat away from the shore the Saturday before sandy hit. We brought her home to sit the winter out in the back yard. I hope we get some nice weather so I can get some work done on her before the season comes. I will keep everyone posted as we progress.

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strun tube

I have a hunter 33 model 1980 I've sailed this boat for about 30 years and love it. Now I've talked to the hunter people but haven't found the info that I need. I have to replace the strun tube and need info to have one buitl. Got new 2qm15 yanmar, new shaft, new stuffing box, new cutlass bearing and a new coupler for the shaft. In taking the old stuffing box out the strun tube was damaged. Anyone out thier having the info I need well be a great help.


Harry Joe AKA…


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zihuatenejo is a  beautiful place.  seems all the  movies folks watch have some folks running away to zihuat--lol--is a gorgeous place with perfect weather.

the tourist  industry is  busy here, but in these days of bad market,  there are fewer tourists here.  seems  no one in world is  safe from this economic  downfalling.…


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ehrlikda, sherlika,

Ay, forget relaxing; who can relax at a time like this. The housing market is sinking which puts my investments on par with a dear friend who lives in the buy hi, sell lo world of bad decision making. Its not my fault the country's economy is killing the locals due to cuts in the space program. Maybe it is my fault based on my voting habits. Either way, today was my first day of real retirement. While my colleagues went back to school I spent 14 hours organizing for a sailing departure of…


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So easy for others

Why does it seem so easy for others? I don't know maybe it is my faulty belief system. While friends of mine seem content with the trials and tribulations of renting, when the time came for me to rent I got cold feet. My financial planning, or more accurately, my discipline sticking to the plan, leaves a lot to be desired. It is just that sometimes I want it all and I want it now.

My boat needs minor things; namely an SSB transceiver which I decided is a necessity. Then, last week the…


Added by Marlene Anne Sassaman on November 10, 2012 at 11:08am — 2 Comments

easy morning

Even though I go to bed at a reasonable hour, normally 9:00 P.M. and rarely latter then 10:00, I’ve been waking up at 3:45 or so recently.  I try to get back to sleep, sometimes with success, however this morning it was not the case.  My cat, Pixie, likes the company and an early breakfast for her, but I’m not a happy camper when sleep is short changed.  At any rate, I got busy cleaning the galley up, which meant doing…

Added by John V. G. Mayton on October 5, 2012 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

No, Amy, It Doesn't Get Better Than This . . .

Last Wednesday it was time to return to school for my final semester involved with traditional education.  When the week-end finally arrived I was rewarded with 3 days of being surrounded with the best group of beach cat sailors around. Having sailed with some of these guys and gals since my debut way back in the summer of 1980, it was a bitter sweet reunion as life takes its toll on all. Its Afterall, the camraderie that exists amongst this group keeps the old spirits alive as friendships…


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Birthday on the boat. 67 years

I spent Friday listening to an audio book and occasionally looking out the main hatch at the rain while waiting for the kids to get to the boat.  I must have taken four or more naps that day.  I had expected the kids to show up earlier, but...
I should have known that “we’ll be there Friday” really meant in the evening.  I did a few chores like…

Added by John V. G. Mayton on August 28, 2012 at 5:30am — No Comments

Moving Boats

Well Friday it is time to move the Tartan 27 from the slip to a mooring. Tired of paying slip fees at a marina that is way to unfriendly. I have my Cal on mooring also but will be looking to put in a slip or dock as time and money allows.

Still need a tranny for the Cal. Oh well I believe I will be spending more time with Cal and less with Tartan till the Tartan is sold or traded.

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Several bloggers have asked me where I am so I guess I need to clarify. I am home. Home in Indialantic in my nice concrete block, with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,  living room, den, converted dining room to a reading room, kitchen, laundry room, two car garage, sewing area, and inground swimming pool. Aye, the good life. This is my home where I organize my sailing trips. What used to be day sails and races has become more intense long term sailing adventures as you all know.

The longer…


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boat chores

Down to the marina early Friday morning to get started with boat chores.  First big effort was to remove a seriously rusted shackle from my secondary anchor rode.  I took it up to the marina’s shop to use my drill and cutting wheel to slice through a chain link as the shackle was so badly corroded that I couldn’t dismantle…


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Black Trim Paint Running

Good day everyone,I have Hull #39 OC43, looking for any wisdom from the group.The black paint trim on the salon and deck windows rubs off and runs on the deck which means cleaning the deck almost impossible.  Has anyone had any experience with this and any solution.Thanks for your help,JohnSee More
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