Curious...might be needing some. Do most of you find stuff online???

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is this for running on boat or evenings :)
LOL.....both :-)
Thanks, will check out now
Wow.... I have so much to learn about this pirate stuff. Think I be need'n a bigger boat too. :-) You know for all that pirate fun stuff.
there is a store in st thomas near yacht haven grande tha thas only pirate clothing and accessories LOL--not sure if they are also online.....
Hmmmm.....sounds like maybe a road trip needed...thx
eBay has oodles and oodles of stuff for the discerning pirate wench. Also check out sites for SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) clothing and accessories. I've found great stuff online and at different Ren Faires, although you won't see many until spring.

And once you find them I want a visit. Or at least lots and lots of photos!
I am new to this group but I was never one to just ease into the water. I usually plunge right in. So in saying, I did a quick search of pirate costumes and came up with this.


The Pampered Pirate has t-shirts.  Not your typical pirate wear, but cute pirate t-shirts like "Got Wine" and stuff.  For authentic looking pirate wear, I'd saw thrift shops would be good.  I've been thinking of Mardi Gras and wanting long skirt, bandanna, and the hardest part - shirt.  Maybe a puffy one or one that looks like a corset.  I saw a really cute (but expensive) corset type on


Would love to see pics of what you come up with!



Mid-Life Cruising!

i found a place i st thomas on the main drag not far from yacht haven area..has pirate clothing-- bought my overshoe piratess boots there..LOL.... wanna go back!!!!

Maybe Victoria's Seacret.

Sorry, couldn't let it slip past.


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