It was a long time coming!!! Remote lever installed. Backed out of slip like I knew what I was doing! Sailed for about an hour then brought Twizzled back in with wind blowing on my nose in her in slip without touching anything and stopped her bow 4 feet from dock. Such relief!!!! Going to a pig roast moonlight lake sail now. Ribs even feel better! Stress?!? Glad it's done. Omg, can't tell u how twizzled i was over this...too much time to think.... have a very high "anticipation" mode button i guess. :-)

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Thank you all! You've all been a great help & wonderful friends! Sail On!!!!! :-)
Great news Terr!
next thing ye know--ye'll be making brownies on board while
LOL, maybe next season! Right now...will be eating them whilst sailing!!!

Good to hear that you are now enjoying yourself. Remember we sail for fun. All those hardwork finally paid off.

Select your weather, so you are not in danger of being over powered. Not fun anymore when sailing in too strong winds.

Have a lot of fun!

Thank you! Will be checking the weather and not going too far for the next few sails.
Very true, more like wrecking the boat next to me! Going tomorrow to sail Twizzled all day with Director of lake sailing program , Norine & Dave. Should be fun!
meant saturday.... late and but should be cool!
Have fun - !
fair winds, sailorette!!!!!!~~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~

I think I know that exact feeling. Even after years of sailing, I can still feel it!

Congrats! Each step is a step closer to a feeling of true independence and freedom;-)


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