Youngest singlehanding attempt to curcumnavigate,would you allow YOUR child?

Some of you may have heard of Zac Sunderland's attempt to sail around the globe alone at 16 years old.
Shows more focas and courage then most twice his age.

Would you allow your child to do the same?

Check out his story at /leave him a message of encouragement and cheer him on!

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I had the ambition at age 20 and after 12 yrs of studying and prepearing a 35 ft Pearson Alberg for a World Cruise I set out in 1982 at age 32. Tho I rerigged, total refab interior, new engine, aires self steering, all new sails, 5 anchors and list goes on and tho the boat was fit for any Hurricane my girlfried was not. Sailing from Moorhead City to St Thomas with 11 other boats with a open window.
Hurricane force winds and 40 ft. seas after 2 days at sea seperated the Men from boys and the Men towards Fatige.
This lasted for 3 days and the most strongest of mind and health would only do what had to be done to survive.
Rob Gram at age 16 also took that same trip from Ca. in the (DOVE) and if any have read the book will know full well that a 16 yr old has know idea what he is up against.
If it was my son...I would try to discourage him, I give less than 10 % completing this trip and 30 % survives it.
Very interesting to read your comments. They make so much sense to me.
As a mom, if I'd encourage my young teenager to undertake such a dangerous voyage and he would not come home, would /could I EVER forgive myself ? I could not.
Looks like Zac has a younger contender namely Jessica Watson who turns 16 next May. Jessica approached my yacht delivery company to get some sea time and I took her on a delivery trip from New Zealand to Vanuatu for
Jessica did very well and I felt very confident in her abilities on watch. She is a very mature young woman who is taking the challange very seriously and preparing herself well. With the right boat, good support and some more time in the gym I think she will safely accomplish the trip. So if Jessica were my daughter I would let her go and be very proud of her :) Follow her story here or to view her involvement with the environmental group OceansWatch look at
Hey thanks for sharing about Jessica Watson...these 2 young people are a true inspiration.
Anyone still following Zac ? Be sure to read his Blog
I would not allow a 16 year old to take on such a journey.
At 16 the human brain is not fully developed, can not rationalize fully. So, I would fear that he would not make the right decisions when he needs to make them.
He has a lot of sailing experience, growing up the way he did , which of course gives him an advantage in such a journey over most kids his age.. but at 16 kids are still kids.
If I was the parent of this child, I'd say.. "wait a few years, then go if you want to".
At this age I would make his schooling priority, get his high school diploma under his belt, then set him free to experience life.
The young girl seems so small and frail..see her photos...hope she will be ok I posted her web site in FEMALE SAILORS GROUP.


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