Now that I live in the south, you would think that the weather is sunny, warm, and beautiful all year round. Well, as I've come to find out, that isn't necessarily true. The mercury has been fluctuating almost as wildly as the market lately. It's hard to believe it's December. The prevailing winds are a little more stiff and they appear to push water from Galveston bay leaving skinny water just about skim. The sailing will not be quite as regular as during the summer season, but at least it won't have to come to a bitter halt, as it does up north.

I've turned to reading through some old editions of Practical Sailor a friend from Pelagic Sailing Club gave me. The earliest issues date back to the early 90's but the reading is quite interesting regardless. After arranging them in chronological order I read through them one by one. Granted a lot of equipment is dated but among the remaining articles are some pretty sound advice and technical knowledge to hold on to. I take notes and transfer them to a word document for faster referencing later on.

I've come to realize in my own life that the saying "Less is More" holds true. Between this years busy hurricane season, fuel prices, and new proposed legislation right around the corner, its better for the planet and my wallet to be content with the basics. This will also aid my future move when the time comes to liveaboard my own boat full time.

I belong to a sailing club called the Texas Mariner's Cruising association. Between social events and outings along with sorting through my closets, bookshelf, and cabinets, I think my plate will remain fairly full this winter. I'm also planning to crew for an offshore passage and get dive certified early next year.

Although the upcoming holidays will not be quite the same without the snow, I will not have any regrets as I set sail in the fresh breezes of the off season.

Tim H.

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Comment by Tim on December 9, 2008 at 8:26pm
John, I had a boat in Boston, but sold her before moving down to Galveston. I'm in between boats right now, but gives me the opportunity to crew for several others. I don't think I could deal with the stress of hurricanes and losing my would be only home on the water.
Comment by John Shasteen on December 7, 2008 at 4:31pm
Tim, where do you keep your boat? Over the years, we kept Paloma at Watergate and Blue Water Marina - good places, but now she's down in Ingleside on the Bay (on Corpus Christi Bay). We sailed year around in Galveston Bay, but yes you have to stay clear of the known shallows. When you get tired of the restrictions of the Bay, move your boat down to Freeport - Bridge Harbor is a great marina and is a short hop to the Gulf.

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