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Freshening Up the Non-Skid

I've finished painting the non-skid on my lockers with KiwiGrip, a product from New Zealand described in the January 2011 issue of Good Old Boat magazine. Here's my experience:


KiwiGrip Non-Skid

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Spring Fever

Hmm.... not addicted to sailing, am I?


Spring Fever

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Soft Spots

Finally took care of that soft spot on my deck:


Soft Spot, Part 1


Soft Spot, Part 2

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Awesome Fenders!

Check this out!


Awesome Fenders

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Catching Up

I haven't posted anything in awhile. But I just got 'caught up':

Too Close for Comfort

Dead Fish

The Weather I Missed

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(Un) Cranky Engine

I guess that one must expect problems when one's engine is 26 years old. But it doesn't make you any happier when it happens:

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Why is it Called a Noreaster When it Comes From the South?

That's my question for the day. Hurricaine Ida took a stroll up from Alabama to hit us here in Hampton Roads, Virginia yesterday. We were expecting strong winds and rain, but nothing too terrible, I thought. What we got was 60 - 75 MPH winds (that's category 1, folks) and flooding.

Read More Here

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Perfect Teamwork

One of the best ways to quickly improve yourself as a sailor is to race. You commit yourself to a schedule, you learn alot about your boat and how to make it move well. You learn to coordinate the movements of a number of different people to achieve your goal.

Read More Here

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And the Prevaling Wind is from What Direction?

Yesterday was the second race of the Frostbite series. I wasn't expecting any crew to show up; it's been difficult to get folks to commit to a weekend, since we really hadn't planned on racing this series in the first place. But I headed over to the boat, figured I could get the jib up at least. If anyone showed up, I'd go ahead and race. Otherwise, I'd just head home to do the homework I was avoiding.…


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Playing Hookey

Sunday, I had work to do. And what's the best thing to do when you have deadlines to meet? Well, in the words of Bluto:


Well, next best thing is to go sailing. So I did on Sunday.

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Prepare to Be Boarded

So, the other night, we finished the race. Of course, at this time of year, it's dark by the time it happens - for everyone, not just for us. :) We were about 100 yards from the channel marker for Wormley Creek when a tremendously bright light shines on us from starboard. We're thinking it's some goofy power boat trying to find the channel, and everyone comments on it. Next thing we hear is "This is the United States Coast Guard! Please bring your boat to a stop!"…


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Maybe it was an Omen

Weather report - land: 5 - 10 mph winds; marine: 10 - 15 knots, with gusts of 20 late in the afternoon in the bay. Sky: partly cloudy when we headed out. Overcast most of the sail. But the sky was a light, even color, almost as if we were staring up at fog. No dark spots - no dark spots ever.

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Back in Business!

Hooray! I'm back in business!

Check out how!

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My boat won't move. Well, if I had wind, and pushed it out of the slip, it might. But, as it is now, it can't be propelled.

More details here.

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Holes in the Boat

Everyone customizes their boat. After so many years, there's been alot of it done: there's a new head, the interior is yellow, the salon has velcroed pillows to create a 'couch'. And I'm starting to do a bit myself.

Read more about it here.

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Wasting Money

Check out my latest post

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Sailing Solo

Finally sailed solo for the first time. Check out the post:

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Boat Journal

I actually started a blog, after my family got inundated with my status emails. It's a bit behind now. Hopefully, will get it caught up soon:

Boat Journal

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