Im sure everyone here has some useful contraptions on their boat to save space that really works whether it is something like a compartment hidden in the companion way stairs to put this and that. Or a cutting board that fits over your stove to increase your counter top space. Well lets here about what are some good ideas and what are the bad ones . . .

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My tiny hanging locker is fairly useless. At 9" wide you really can't stuff too much into it. I thought a stack of drawers would be more useful. I measured, got prepared to do a little woodworking (got the bandages and mop ready), and took off to buy wood. At the hardware store I found a plastic Tupperware stack of three drawers that fit perfectly into the locker and was the right color. I attached it about a foot off of the deck to give myself some storage below it, and still have room above it to hang foul weather gear. I keep a few tools, knives, and other handy things in there that I usually have to dig into deeper cabinets to find. Simple, useful, cheap. My kind of unit!
For the shallow lockers I have found that using childrens plastic hangers (from of course Target) work well, they are about 7 ins. wide.
Hi, I like hooks, on bulkheads (and none possible leaking walls.) I don.t leave things on the hooks...just to hang things to get out of the way, when i enter, then easier to start placing where need...Lola
Lola's post about hooks reminded me that I'm a fan of hooks too. I use a "bathtub" kind of hook with large suction cups on them. Easy to move, remove, etc without drilling anything permanent.

Speaking of tub stuff, I also use containers with suction cups in the cockpit for my gps, sunglasses, etc. They have a grated bottom for drainage and come in different sizes. With the suction cups, they can be moved to other locations throughout the boat. They were made for kitchen sinks and can be found (really cheap) at any Dollar store. Just as good as the pricey West Marine models.
Excellent ideas one and all. This is the kind of thing I was hoping for when I started the group and it's gratifying to see people getting behind the concept.

Mark's solution to the hanging locker problem is excellent. Me, I just went ahead and built the shelves. And rather crudely, too. But since there was no door on the locker it was, of necessity, only used for clothing. (The boat was only 26'). In order to keep things IN the locker when on a starboard tack I put ordinary cup hooks along each side of the locker opening and strung a piece of the netting I used on the life lines to secure. But the next boat will certainly make use of Mark's idea.
This is a great thread on the how-tos of sensible small boat cruising...

Here's one I've been thinking about for a few months but haven't put down on paper, so to speak. I had bought some fresh lobster raviolis for dinner and there were way too many to eat by myself so I was putting the extra up in the relatively new Reynolds Handi Vac food storage bags. Zip-Locks with a little valve near the top and a AA-powered vacuum pump. It's a giggle watching the plastic bag form itself around whatever is inside as the air is sucked out.

If you haven't seen these I know you've seen those "But WAIT! There's MORE!" commercials where the Joan Cleaver clone puts every sweater she's ever owned plus half a dozen heirloom quilts into a plastic bag, hooks it up to the Electrolux and shrinks the whole thing down to the size of a bullion cube. Well, the Reynolds things are sort of the nano technology of that. They come in quart and gallon sizes.

I'm not going to shill for these things but they seem like a good way to stow water-sensitive items aboard. I don't know how long the seal will last and quite frankly I'm too damned lazy to take the time to find out, although I just found out you can get two rolls of toilet paper in a gallon bag and it packs down pretty nice.

BTW: The lobster raviolis were a bit of a disappointment.

On KILLICK, our 1970 Cal34, we've virtually doubled our galley. We installed two foot fresh and the other for raw water. The countertop hand pump left a hole, so we enlarged it and put a stained to match maple board behind the sink. The board has slots that hold our knife blades leaving just the handles exposed. On the overhead just outboard of the handrail we molded kydex which now hold 6 cups. The forward bulkhead has a storebot rack for dishes, bowls and knifes for 6.
The Origo stove was about 10" less deep than the original. We pulled it inboard which now allows pots and pans to be put behind it. Over the void we covered a piece of plywood with laminate to fit...this hold the stoves cutting board.
Because my cruising is mostly short term, 10 days or less, I had no need for an oven. I removed the old bulky oven/2 burner stove combo and added a cupboard, using the original mounting hardware. I bought an inexpensive propane 2 burner camp stove that fits the sliding counter top perfectly.
Slots and fiddles keep the canned goods and pots and pans in place and the open design allows for plenty of ventilation.
hooks --- they even work in the bigger boats.....and gear hammocks wherever i can use them....hang stuff dont trip on it---out of the way, so one does not hang by it the bin storage, those vacuum bags for sweaters and stuff---work great.....and in my ericson 35, i changed from alcohol stove to propane force 10 3 burner--i cook---below it is room for fry pan and griddle pan-flat....and behind there is only room for the cuttting board, stove topper- board--then cabinets hold spices and small things....
Sounds like a well appointed galley, Lass. What be fer supper? Arrrgggg.


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