Hes getting injectors worked on and Fuel Tank removed and new fuel, and what ever else the hospital finds...doing exploratory surgery. Send donations to LOLA c/o Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, Little River, SC

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You're just a cougar Lola ~!*!~*!~*
Lola can't they just rebuild the head? Or replace it if need be. I would think it's a lot cheaper than an entire engine. Providing of course the bottom half of the engine is in good shape, good compression, etc. BTW how many hours on the engine?
yanmar is the one to go with sweetie----westerfreke is not always a good thing---vibrates----universal---if engine is less expensive, it needs a different set up under it---so more money to re work the engine room before putting in the engine---yanmar--doesnt need the extra stuff--ya already have it-----and is the best engine money can buy at this point....and most efficient re power you can do ....good luck-----if i could, i would repower with yanmar--but i have to stick with perkins for the engine here -for the same reason.....rebuild what you have is most efficient, least costly....
If you choose not to rebuild, go for the greater power. Most sailboats are underpowered when you really need that significant other. Also, check out
It's just all part of the package.
Thanks all..still shock...and I just put $8000.00 on new roof on house.....Houses have holes in ground where $ goes too
If you're going to repower, look really hard at the Beta Marine engines. They make a much more reliable engine and the parts are much more available than Yanmar. I love my Yammer Hammer, but given a choice, I would go with Beta. I have contact info if you want to talk to them.I have a feeling the black smoke is more a problem with your injectors and pump timing than the head.....but that's just my 2 cents worth.
there is nothing wrong with the universal engine--or the beta or the others--they are alll good----but if the goal is to save money and keep modifications of the boat to a minimum, lolas best options are either to rebuild her engine or to upgrade to the next larger if it fits --donot make unnecessary modifications to engine room--is much more money to install an engine when the boat requires changes to be made before the repower can be effected. any of the yanmar engines of that particular horsepower range should fit nicely into the place the old one comes out of--find out about rebuilding first, lola....and research every engine make and installation requirements--what changes would need to be made if placing the engine into a space from where yours cameout.
Well was told many brands will fit...They will use the boom to lift out.
just double check everything.. amazing the kinds of things that are overlooked and turn into expensive change orders....
Black smoke is almost always fuel, injecters, or injection pump. If the engine was not burning significent oil before all of this started then the bottom end is probably fine. Do a top overhaul while you have the head off, which should consist of valve job, head surface check and milling if necessary, cleaning and resetting of injectors, and new head gasket of course. Make sure your fuel is clean! Sometimes the fuel polishing loosens all of the gunk that has been adhereing to the sides and bottom of your tank and then causes some of the problems you have been having. You may also want to take off the injection pump and have it checked by the same shop that did your injecters. They shoud have the equipment to test it's operation and if not right have them rebuild it. Deisels are really very simple engines and the Yanmar is one of the best. Start with all of the easiest things to do first. Read Nigal Calders book "Marine Diesel Engines" and use it as a guide and also do not take the first mechanics word as gospel unless you know him and his reputation well. Sorry to sound like an expert but have lots of experence with diesels and would hate to see you discard an easily rebuilt engine without trying all of the obvious first. Keep us posted!
Update..Fri Mar 20

I'm taking this slowly...I have had some things to think about among:
I'm having a diver to check the prop, and zincs could have something entwinged.

More checking on:
Exhaust hose.
Speeds and RPM's
Compression test...leak down test
Prop pitch and see burnish
clogged elbow
injection test
Shot piston rings or marred Walls
elbows last only 4 years--there is a loss of performance and black smoke when it is in need of replacement---i did mine 4 yrs ago--not looking forward to the replacement......but try to keep the engine you have and repair rather than repower with another brand....more economical---more efficient....better fit--yanmar is an excellent engine and parts are available everywhere.....


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