Whats up with that? Half the people don't even bother to load pictures or fill out their profiles.

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Hi, I just joined yesterday, and it seems like people aren't as friendly here as on other sites. I introduced myself and said hi to everyone and haven't gotten any replies back. It seems like a great site, but it takes people to make the site better.
Hi Nereussailor. As you can tell from my post, there are only a handful of people on here that actively participate. Its still a pretty young site. Its growing quickly though. Maybe when you you have a few thousand people on here, there will be more activity. What other sites are you on?

I like the format of this site though. I think the ability to share pictures and videos is great. You get to see who you're talking to. Its not just text, but rich with images and sound.
Hi Vulcan 1600,
I'm on Latts &Atts, Sailnet,Sailboatowners forum and Renegade Cruisers. I was on a couple more, but couldn't find the time to post much.
I'm also on a number of other sites, particularly Sailnet, which is why I don't come here as often as I might otherwise. Like the concept, waiting to see how it works out.
Hi everyone, I am involved with a few groups both sailing and antique autos and I have noticed that the amount of people getting involved has been dropping for the last 10 years. I am the editor for one antique auto club's publication that has member’s worldwide but get little in the way of input from members. I get far more information in the way of articles and other information to publish from Australia than the US where we have the most members.

I have noticed that the activity on the Yahoo Bayfield Group has dropped also and the Sailnet Bayfield owners are almost non-existent now. Six years ago both these groups were overflowing with questions, answers and other information.

I believe all this is a change in people’s attitude today. I do not know what they are doing but I see this. Friends that are involved with other types of actives and organizations tell me they are losing membership and not many new members coming in. I also see this at my yacht club where we had 2 docks that no one wanted this year. There usually was a waiting list and new members had to wait 4 to 5 years for a dock to become available. We are a working club where members have to work 24 hours a year for the club and we do not get a good turnout for many of the work parties. It's usually the same old geezers like me that are doing the work.
Hey, Mac, people getting involved on sailing sites may be dropping elsewhere but it looks like they are all coming over to Seaknots.

This site is growing fast! Membership here has doubled in the last few weeks! It may be a young site but I guess so called "social networks" are the thing of the moment. I find this a lot more enjoyable to meet other sailors than any of the other sites mentioned above... If you look around the members here you'll see a lot of young sailors just getting into it so I think people's attitude towards sailing is only growing.

Whole new generation getting on board, it seems!!
Glad to hear that more are signing up for SeaKnots but the original post was that of the more than 500 members only 2% are involved. I hope this change’s as the more that participate the better it will be for all.
It's a great new site. And, like most new sites who refuse to do the pay per click game it may take awhile, but the right type of people are sure here. I'll probably check in a few times a week myself. Sail on.... Pat
Amen to that Mac ...we have the same problem down here at our yacht club ...always the "Core" group doing all the work & setting up all the activities ...but alas ....I guess someones gotta do it ...and it was pointed out to me that without that "silent majority" out there ....our club coffers wouldnt be very full & the bills wouldnt get paid we still need those members ...even though they elect not to participate ..its a shame really...but I would like to say Hi ..nice to meet you here on SeaKnots!
Hi, I have often thought I would like to move to Texas. I traveled to Waco for my work a number of times.

At HVYC, that I am a member, we now charge members that have not put in their required 24 hours in a year $50 for each hour they are short. We thought that would fix the problem but we still have some that just pay for any hours they did not put in. The idea was not to make money but to get members to do their share to keep the club running. We have to hire contractors if not enough people are willing to work.
Hello to the group. Just joined today and still trying to figure out the format ect...
I'll participate after I've read up on things and learn the ropes.

By the way, I'm a powerboater now(ducks head), but looking to buy a cruising boat in the next couple years as I'm 3yrs 1 month and 16 days from casting off into a small pension from the fire service and won't be able to buy gas for my 75mph twin BBC powered go-fast much longer.
I do have a sailing history tho...
I'm glad that my little post here is inspiring and motivating people to participate. This has been a fortunate accident. The post seems to have brought awareness to the problem.

I was just expressing my disappointment that more people didn't get involved in the site whether it was participating in the discussions or just filling out their profiles and sharing some pictures and videos. Why bother joining if you're not going to do anything? Right?


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