ok. we fixing an engine used to  be named    new blue.

 this engine  has had a big problem caused by  an injector pump.  

we also had  lift pump and    tranny   oil  heat exhcanger    repaird and rebuilt.

upon  installation  these nice newly rebuilt items we found a nother problem, probably  caused also by the    runaway situation  experienced in  june.      the  gremlins  decided to seize and freeze  engine, so we using  oil and penetrating oil.

then we wait a few days and   try to  turn engine    by using a wrench   to turn the   crankshaft  bolt.  while doing the  well worn  woodruff key   sheared  and noo go .. so we   look for  a  woodruff key     so we can finish   rebuilding this   newly  renamed  engine i now ka lunk.

we still intend on    exiting this marina in december under own power.   lol....

thanyou  milt minter  for your  motto....DONKEY BOP

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Comment by zeehag on August 30, 2018 at 3:05pm

ok so    to catch up a tad...   we  were having a lovely time and    enjoying life when   engine   pulled runaway diesel    got that fixed. same day it  ran for first time in 1.5 years my brother died.  ok so that screws up life.    big time.

a week in  phx to  soothe momma over death of my  shadow and  her secondborn  kid..   mommas horrid  children were quite the team.  damn i miss him.    w elearned to sail together with our uncle.   got into mischief together and   learned responsibility together.  he is  deeply  missed and always will be so.

boat   -- patricia cane in   sw coast mexico   killed my mizzenmast which is now being repaired.    that is now coming along well.    we will varnish it with topper colors of both being   forest green and  violet with a different colored stripe separation and  border.   main will also be maintained and repaired.   mizzenboom  of 14.5 ft is  perota wood and gorgeous.    helps keep formosa  beauty   alive.  

 we have been here 2 yrs plus now.  was hoping to be done by now  but we stillhave   a couple years    work to   complete. 

and omg we has another cat---chico da vato, nemesis to poor   tortured bubba daboatkat.  

got to  mazatlan under own power..managed it with  only  injector pump  functional..seems  th elift pump   didnot  work and electric assist  quit just out of the bay   we left to sail north.  hahahahaha

so many adventures so little time.   

Comment by zeehag on September 14, 2014 at 2:26pm

engine is now rebuilt and   requires merely the fine tuning  an d  such   the mechanic  wants and  needs to do. he also knows a  tank  builder  so we can pursue our  desired fg   increased  capacity   fuel tank.  

then mizzen step. then  another bay fro  jibsail re repair then off to mazatlan for hopefully  haulout, or mebbe guaymas, if  dire need for there--i dislike the climate there( prefer tropics. guaymas is desert. yuk). then  off to panama, with a stop back here to say hay to friends who are  locals and native to this area, per their requests...

Comment by zeehag on December 23, 2013 at 10:46am

rodl  we didnt leave under own power..we paid 500 pesos for a tow, and we dont know when we will  have this    seized engine running..hopefully by  april so i can go to  a  better place for   repairing rest of boat.  after that refit i will depart for  caribbean....but i want my boat functional for   that haul.  funny how a  small item like an injector pump can ruin your   whole

and good thing that item was so inexpensive to rebuild under   200 usdollars. 

now for the rest of the parts..and   gaskets..and hoses.....

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