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Raising of the Mast

well, sometimes it is really great when a plan comes together, that does not mean that you might have a couple of sleepless nights in the process. But, S/V Anna Lynn now has a new main mast, can't wait to get her underway over Easter weekend for sea trials....…


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Since joining Seaknots I've found that the one thing soon to be cruisers need to do is downsize....a lot. There is something cleansing when one purges stuff. I've found this to be true with each move I make. Downsizing from a 6000 sq. ft. house to an eight room to a 4 room. But as a former antique dealer I like nice things and it's not always easy to get rid of stuff, nor do I really want to. Then there's clothes, books and shoes...the list goes on. There currently is a trend started I think…


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2007 Carnegie Lecture - Dee Caffari - Dare, Dream, Discover, Inspire - First woman to solo around the world & the wrong way

She had never solo sailed before! Awesome video, about 54 minutes long. She had done it once before with 17 crew.... yeah, that would be doable, 6 crew....maybe, 4'd have to really talk me into it..right boat, skipper..possibly could be convinced. Solo... forget about it! Enjoy !!!!!

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I get so much encouragement from my sea knots blog friends. Thank you.

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Clausewitz on Planning

March 21,

2010. Seaview Marine docks at Shilshole Bay

Waiting for a tow from Captain Wendell and his Vessel Assist boat.

We hauled out on Tuesday after pulling the engine and delivering it to the

Yanmar Mechanic. I will spare you the gory details but the upshot is

that the engine has been disassembled and sent off to the machine shop

and will be finished in about ten days.… Continue

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Now that it is over. . .

Now that the International Sunfish Masters Regatta is over I have several thoughts. First, it is true that we become what we focus on. Second, perseverance is my strength. Third, I will win a major event. Perhaps it is a bit narcissist but I believe with proper training and positive reinforcement my dreams will come true.

The night before the regatta I feared being left behind at the start of the 56 boat fleet. This fear became a reality in all 4 our of 7 heats. The worst was…


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Where to find us

We keep only one blog active. It is located at:
We work hard on keeping it current and we also periodically update new photo albums.
Thanks for visiting us there!

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Great Grand Master

Wow, as if being a master sailor wasn't enough, I learned that indeed, I am a great grand master sunfisher. All I needed to do was age 60 years and the title befell me. To be a senior I have to wait another 8 years, and to be a grand master I would have to regress biologically. That's what i really want. I want to turn back the clock. I want the wrinkles on my face to soothe themself back into the creamy soft sensual feeling of my youth. Though in my younger years I never even considered…


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Girls Retreat

This is the adventure of 4 women for a week on my boat.

Saturday Girls Afloat – My best friends Jennifer, Leigh and Anne came down to Miami for a week of a girls retreat for some sailing fun. And what fun we had! Jennifer and Leigh both have sailed with me before on a charter boat in the Chesapeake cruise 2 years ago. Anne has never set foot on a sailboat. She is about to be hook on the…


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Caught by the Lure of the Sea

Read about my love of sailing:

Changing Course

This is a link to my blog over on blogger.

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LOOK OUT NOW, MAMA'S RUN OFF TO SEA & Other interesting articles, sites for sailing women

Lately I've been reading alot about women who are captains of vessels, hoping one day to be one of them. Here's an interesting story about five of them. Look Out Now, Mama’s Run Off To Sea!

Meet five women and the sailboats they captain

by Alice Snively

What do you mean Mama’s run off to sea?

Just that. And she’s only one of a growing number of women who are…


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Strong Winds in Europe

For the moment we have strong winds in Europe ....

In Greece ( Patras ) many boats are damaged ...

For tonight they announced 70- 107 knots of wind in the region my boat is ...

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About three days to getting underway...

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Mike Brown replied to Wayne's discussion Jammed Electric Cabin Top Winch in the group Beneteau 40 & 43
"There's no circling on the 40/43 winches. It's simply a screw off collar. WD40 and a heavier hammer should get the job done."
Jun 12
Bruce Bogdanoff replied to Wayne's discussion Jammed Electric Cabin Top Winch in the group Beneteau 40 & 43
"Mike is correct. The is a vertical pin in the middle of the winch handle hole that pushed down and disengages the electric motor on the winch. Also, on my Oceanis 45, there is a circlip that holds the top on. I don't remember if the 40 electric…"
Jun 12
Wayne replied to Wayne's discussion Jammed Electric Cabin Top Winch in the group Beneteau 40 & 43
"Thanks Mike. I did use a light hammer but I do have heavier ones at work and I did use WD40. As for a disengagement pin, I didn't see one when I looked down in the top of the winch. I did see a small circular pattern in the bottom that I…"
Jun 12
Frank & Donna left a comment for Mike Brown
"Thanks Mike, however I have tightened both attachments and if you grab the track in the middle you can move it side to side making the noise. I took it apart, slid the track forward to add tape to both side of the boom, than careful slid the track…"
Jun 12
Mike Brown left a comment for Frank & Donna
"Frank your comment didn't show up in the discussions on the 40/43 site. It's simply a comment on your page. Not sure if others will see it. For what it's worth I don't have the problem on our boat. There are two pieces of…"
Jun 11
Mike Brown replied to Wayne's discussion Jammed Electric Cabin Top Winch in the group Beneteau 40 & 43
"I can't imagine anything in the winch top that would bend. Other than the electric drive and a disengagement pin that activates when the winch handle is inserted the winch is the same as the others. It sounds like the collar is jammed due to…"
Jun 11
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Jammed Electric Cabin Top Winch

Took care of the lint build up on the fridge condensers and the leaky shower sump this weekend. Then went to the electric cabin top winch to disassemble, clean and lube only to find the top cap wouldn't unscrew. It should have by light tapping with a screwdriver but to no avail.So I stepped it up a notch with a brass drift and screwdriver and again, no go. I then tried a steel drift and the cap never moved in the slightest. It is as if it was secured with permanent Lock Tite.Now when I say its…See More
Jun 11
Frank & Donna commented on CAN DRAC's group Beneteau 40 & 43
"I'm having a knocking from the boom while sailing. The track on top of the boom is loose, but it can't be tightened any further. Has anyone else had this problem, if so has anyone found a solution"
Jun 11

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