Does anyone know what the actual color of the wheel covering is? Mine needs a little T&C, some leather dye, not sure if its dark red or something else? Want to match it first try.


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I use cordovan shoe polish on mine and it's a pretty close match.

Is that paste or liquid?


Thanks Mike. I will give it a try

My wheels have spots where the leather has "worn". It is noticeably lower with surface loss in a few areas. The best theory so far is that sunscreen attacked the leather , essentially like a rot or fungus attack.

I have used leather treatments to keep the leather supple, but both wheels are looking rather worn.


LONGHAWK B43, 2008, hull #9

Sam, that's an interesting cause for the spots. I assumed it was where I had drug a jib sheet across the wheel when setting sail. It's time to do mine again.


I have used mid tan shoe polish, cream type. Worked well.

It's a paste, comes in the old shoe polish can.

My wheel leather is shot. Not only do I have spots of eroded / worn areas but the stitching is now going also. Instead of trying to salvage the Cordavan/ Buckskin or whatever color they call it, I plan on stitching up some new elk leather grey covers on the wheels. Once I feel like that investment is warranted.

Longhawk B43, 2008, hull #9



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