Now that the Cuba embargo appears to be lifting, I'm curious if anyone here would boat there. I'd like to see Cuba, but I just don't know. You?

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Sure, I would like to see Cuba, great music, great food. Not sure what the conditions would be though. Wouldn't want to be in the first batch of sightseers to go ashore. Would prefer if Bill and some of his buddies were with me too..LOL
I'd love to go. I have lots of friends that have been, some on boats, some flying in. There have been plenty Americans and non-Americans going for years. There's a lot of poverty but amazin music and low on stores.
When do we leave ?
in a new york minuet
and i would take my own boat...
Its my dream destination. I love cuban food, cigars,etc,etc
Okay, you're talking me into it. I mean, I'd love to go. Love the food, etc. Just a little shy I guess. But would love to go someday.
Then again, Cuba is closer and maybe safer than Fiji right now. :-(
Got that right! LOL We have quite the gang going..when's the best time of the year to go?? Three boats so far. How long shall we stay for?
If you can guarantee Internet, personal safety and SPF 45, I'll go for months!

The Rum and Cuban food will take care of themselves.

how about two out of three??
Which 2? If any of those aren't at least 90%, I may have to come back home within a couple of weeks.
Geez...LOL, can you go at least 10 hours without internet? Got you covered with the SPF 45...even 50... On the guarantee of personal safety...define guarantee... we all want to come out of this alive...while having one hell of a time !!!


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