Now that winter is here and most of the Summer Sailors are sailing a computer more than a boat, Let us all get creative and write a book. The rules will be the same as the previous Story Games, except instead of adding only three words, Let it be one line or patagraph of up to 25 words or so.. For openers, I have recycled some of the charactors from the previous story games.....Feel free to join in or opt out at your will, Other charactors welcome.. The story can be a mystery, drama, adventure or love story,, It is up to our creative writers,,,,Have fun....
The story begins on a warm evening somewhere in the Tropics...

Chapter One
After too much tequila , or not quite enough, I left the Tiki Bar and headed for the beach. Back in the bar, Lola was still at the piano, Dances with sails was keeping time with his fingers on the bar. Terri had just finished her dance, and Zeehag, the bar wench, was wiping off the bar, She had a big smile on her face,, Larry Wilson was still banging away on the steel drum, It had been going on for hours,
Once outside, the warm salltly breeze felt good on my face, The moon shown brightly , reflecting off the water and illuminated the beach scene, Suddenly, Ocnvoyager came into view, herding cats with two ladies who may be Liv and Suky Cannon. What they were trying to accomplish by their actions, I could not tell,

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It had been only a few days since they all met for a month's vacation at this beautiful place. They decided to try and find a big enough boat to charter for a two week voyage. Suky started calling around to various places hoping to find a great deal. Dance's decided to borrow a van from one of the locals to start the provisioning. Larry and Mark were in charge of plotting the course to one of the many inhabited islands in the area. Lola & Liv started crochetting hammocks and hollowing out coconut shell's for drinks. Oceanvoyager gave up on trying to skin the cats without harming them for lightening antizap cathats. Gary was in charge of rounding up some locals for boat entertainment. The weather looked great, all were excited! Suky ran into the bar all excited....she had wonderful news!!!!
She figured out that .. Zeehag had mentioned she wanted more cats for Bubba. Meanwhile in the Copacabana Club Lola was still singing longing for all came back in to dance and have a good time.
In th channel, th mullets were hoppin out and about as if to be checkin out what people were up to on this typical sunny day.
Dances had been affected by the constat beating on the steel drums, or maybe the rum, when he staggered outside he thought it was a sunny day, actually it was just to bright full moon over the bay.
As Gary wandered down the beach wondering where he was going to find talent for the boat entertainment he was amazed to find the two empty dinghys on the beach. Then he saw figures in dark suits and carrying weapons run into the scrub brush above the water line along the beach. What could they possibly be up to?
Gary found himself crouched in the shadows of the rip rap of a jetty anticipating their return. He lit a pipe and could not imagine what they were up to. His mind raced as he wondered what he should do, if anything. He thought, 'At least I will know how they got away.' 'Or would they?' He thought about cutting their rafts, but how soon would they return? The rafts were at least 50 yrds from where he paused. Behind him he heard tires wailing on the blacktop at the stop sign. The engine roared as the tires again squalked as a van grabbed second gear.
His mind raced again, He had heard of pirates being seen in the area...however the black suits appeared to be more like Navy Seal attire....saving the dinghys...may be advised..for now. But what about the trucks?..what was that all about.?...He needs to discuss this as soon as possible with the group.If the Cat comes near they may be ambushed....Suky needs to know and relay this info.
Gary pulled out his cell phone and called Suky to tell of th strange things he had observed, She finally answered on the fifth ring, and started laughing when told about the dinghys and the screaching tires on the pavement. What appeared to be sinister figures carrying weapons, turned out to be Suky's nephew and friends who were students at the college across the bay. Their weapons turned out to be tiki torches and beer.
This being enough excitement for one night, he knocked the tobacco out of his pipe, watched as the the embers faded, laid back on rock, still warm from the sun and soon fell asleep.
bubba asked why he couldnt have a cat as well---he wanted 50 feet of living space also, so he had to try to commandeer the one he saw. he knew his momms wouldnt agree with his choice of cat, but he had to try. his momms was still tending bar in the tavern--being left to his own devices, bubba made for the 50 ft cat ---- he figgered as long as the humans were into some other thing than the boat they would never miss the thing......he untied the lines and took her to sea......forgetting he didnt know how to read a gps........or start an engine.....or raise a sail....
Hounded by the remainining bar flies, Suky was asked to expell her news. Terri played another song to set th mood as her heels clanked over th song. meanwhile th 'katboat' drifted.
As dawn was breaking, Gary was awakened by low wailing sound comeing from the beach, Rulbbing his eyes to clear the morning fog, he could make out the form of a large catamaran drifting by. He could also see a feline shape pacing the deck which was the source of the wailing sound that had awakened him..
Bubba had realized that it was not as much fun to be at sea without Zeehag and wanted to go back very badly.
Reluctantly, he dropped his jeans, leaving them on the beach he ran into the waves to reacue Bubba, he knew in his heart that Zee would be so happy to see Bubba again, her gratitude would know no bounds..


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