Have you been following all this Somali pirate stuff? It's been going on for a few years, but you probably heard a US merchant ship was taken by them today. First time in about 200 years a US ship was taken by pirates. (gCaptian is liveblogging it)

I know the crew took the ship back and right now, as far as I know, the captain is still a hostage.

Just curious about what you think about it all.

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Yes, I have been following a little today also. I think I heard correctly that 6 ships had been taken in one month. The crew today took one of the Somali's hostage and tried to trade for their Captain, but got double crossed. There were only 20 crew on the freighter which surprised me. How do they even board the ship?? I think there were only 4 pirates. I think these shipping companies shoud have small security boat escort ship or have them on board with weapons along with crew. I know probably "too costly" .. whatever. I guess most of US military was up further north in the Gulf of Aden, the hot spot for now, so this ship was an easier target. Heard the Second Mate on sat. phone talking saying war ship 3 hours away from them and they were still trying to negotiate to get their Capt. back. I'm hoping we had something quicker in the works to get there. It's getting to be a very scary world and even scarier for those who want to see the world by sea. I pray all turns out well for them and their Captain.
There's an ongoing list on wikipedia of the ships that have been attacked. Have you seen the big pictures published a month or so ago of the Pirates of Somalia? So sad, the whole situation.
Yes Rob, I did see these pictures somewhere. Couldn't all the countries involved in shipping in this area set up some kind of plan of.... meet at this certain point and get escorted up coast to destination and rotate taking turns escorting whoever showed up on a given day? Seem's like they're on their own out there with no security. Does anyone know how they board these cargo ships? Seems pretty hard unless ships have some sort of permanent ladders on sides?? Electric current..only thing I can think of next to high powered weapons all around. Have any of these pirate's been blown out of the water yet? Would make me think twice.
i agree with bill-- burn them to their waterlines. this country has, excuse me, lost its balls. is a very sorry thing---i donot mean we should be in general hawkish on things---but we DO need to take our situations in hand and DO something about them....not mess in other nations tribal warfares and illegitimate alleged threats-----we need to sic the pitbulls on this ---burn them out. where does the insult stop?? do we allow the threats to grow and come to within our borders again??? we have been allowing too many things we used to hold no truck with---treason and treachery and piracy---why???? i think we should send a merchant appearing ship crewed by SEAL teams members and have at the bastards----capture this, , Prix......we do need to stand up for ourselves in this one---i hope the black prince is able to save face....
gawd i love ya bill!!!!! where can i get one????
Right On Sister!!!! I was talking with my friend and watching the news..listening to one of the crew..Second Mate I think on phone..and we both said, God, he sounds so young..and scared...needs his Momma there..with an assault weapon of some great magnitude..shoot those bast---ds right out the water! Agree, this country has lost it's balls. We should take care of our own before mess'in with other crap elsewhere.
I heard on the news today that over 150,000,000. was given out in ransoms in 2008 in that part of the world..good incentive!!?!! As for the pirate's boat being out of gas and soon food what they need is some rough seas to kick up..a little sea sickness would help them change their plans quickly!! Another person said of calling them pirates, glamourizes them and they should be called what they are...thieves! I agree!! A classmate (Mass Maritime) of the captive Captain said, we were all taught to go at least 200 miles off the coast in the area, the Somalie's are now going out 300 - 400 miles to capture ships. And in the Gulf of Aden you can't go far at all to be safe. I think they should be allowed to be armed.
They are pirates - Pirates - someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation. This has been going on for a few years, and this US crew is fortunate to have recovered the ship so quickly. Unlike many pirates, past and current, the Somali pirates do not kill their hostages. Some ships have been held for more than 6 months. It's only been in the last year that defense ships from the US & more than a dozen countries are patroling the area to protect ships of all flags, all who have been advised not to travel in this area, 400 miles out or not. But our US ship was delivering food. Other countries have paid ransoms, but the US policy is not to pay. I think this is the first time a ship flying the US flag has been captured.
I believe the Captain will survive unless the sea kills him and the pirates.
I've just read that Maersk has offered them 10 million for Capt. They asked the Navy to hold off so they could negotiate. Yes, I heard this is the first time in 200 years that a US flagged ship had been captured.
This is a real problem ... and I have a real extreme view on it ! Sorry for that !

The aspect that this news is not real new, except that today I heard Obama saying on TV that the WE ALL have to fight against this problem .... Sorry, is this because now finally one America ship is involved ? Since a few years they capture every day an other ship, in order that the French, German, and so on, marines are there to protect the ships ( without real success! ).

Why is it so hard to stop those ? I propose, just keep the media away, capture those pirates and let them swim home from the middle of the ocean.
The US Navy missed a huge opportunity last night. The captain jumped into the water and started swimming toward the naval warship. They could have blown the pirates out of the water and sent a life boat to pick up the captain.
Oh well! Maybe next time.
I know, that's what I was thinking..maybe he was too close to them. They have to be getting hungry and thirsty by now..but in that country they're probably use to starving. Other countries seemed quite happy to pay the ransom so I think they'll hold out. Just hope one of them doesn't get crazed from lack of water.
Where are the Navy Seals????


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