Where is your Marina, what does if offer you, what would you like to see different about it, How much does it cost, how do they treat you and other customers. Are you staying or going? Share stories, good and bad of other marinas you have been at and the personalities that you found there. Also what its like to get in and out of.

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I have a great Marina..that offers, pump out, just give the boat boy a little tip, fuel,offer internet free, water...I pay my elec, which runs under $5 per mo.....also they want us to let them know so they can help leaving the slip and returning. Will watch our boats and secure during a Hurricane. It is a safe harbor... We also have a pool, club house, A Plus Restaurant ( with white table cloths)with decks that over look the Marinas...there are 4 here. Washer and dryer, and computer room if you don't have a lap top in your boat..Very nice showers and bathroom with lockers....Holiday Inn is next door, and cafes for breakfast...just walk across the Street...Italian Restaurant is next door. We have a 3 mile walking board walk around the Marinas...down to our light house....see my page. Also a full marina store and office with supplies and snacks.

I have the Marina pictured on my free vacation offer in the FEMALE SAILORS GROUP.... You will also see my "difficult for me" Slip, as has to be backed out past the Bulkhead....See that on my page too. I paid a professional captain to deliver my boat and he entered my slip with ease ,,,see my videos.

You can also go to MYRTLE BEACH YACHT CLUB. in your server and see the variety of Slip purchase and rentals.
How long can you stay as an out of state bpat? I thought SC had some law about taxing out of state boats after 2 months?
Marina sound to good to be true, would love to try it out this May
Well, to be outspoken as usual (or unusual as usual) I ve been using jet ski ramps. It doesnt have the emenities that most would prefer but it is a quiet lil hole with no services near for miles. The only negative effects not you, but the jet skiers themselves. A limb reaches athwartramp so a daysailor must step the mast beyond this obstacle. This has jet skiers slumping over their bikes for 20 minutes, 25 minutes becuase I have to go park while boat and dog await my return.

So if ye need directions to this quiet gunkhole, let me know and I share the gate code.

Glad to help!
In the Annapolis MD area:

Chesapeake Harbour Marina - wonderful access to the Bay, outstanding staff, pump-out, laundry, water, electricity part of slip rate, good but pricey restaurant on-site, excellent tiki bar in season, no fuel. Does NOT allow liveaboards (they sort of tolerated me for longer than I can ever thank them for). Best bathhouses of any place I can think of. 40' slip was 6800 last year.

Eastport Yacht Center on Back Creek - very good staff, outside of S-dock is exposed to commercial traffic in the morning (only an issue if you want to sleep past 6), liveaboard friendly, onsite services from J Gordon & Co (outstanding company), laundry, water, electricity part of slip rate, no pump-out but Annapolis City pump-out boat services you in the slip. No fuel. On-site storage lockers available. Easy walk to wonderful Eastport restaurants including Davis' Pub, Boatyard, Chart House, Carrol's Creek, and more. 40' slip was 6500 a couple of years ago. One of the boat's I used to race out of Solomons still uses EYC for Annapolis transient visits.

City Dock: Outstanding prices for "winter storage." Liveaboard actually encouraged. Winter water from river-end of dock and base of Harbormaster's office. No fuel, no pump-out (boat shuts down after Thanksgiving weekend). Electricity is extra, fixed fee per plug. Laundry. Nice showers with token access; tokens are free from Harbormaster's office. Pricey transient space during the season, but not obscene -- all the same services (except electricity) at moorning balls for $25 / night. Interestingly there are some hardy souls out on the mooring balls now - I think they are paying even less than we are in the Dock.

Near Washington DC:

Gangplank Marina - long waiting list for a permanent slip; can often get in for a winter; plenty of transient room but reserve early for holidays. Outstanding winter services including winter water every third or fourth slip. Water, electricity, laundry, easy access to Metro, security. No fuel, but James Creek around the corner on the Anacostia is open year-round. Fixed pump-out in the slip, but charged $20 per-time. Don't remember what I paid for the winter there.
We were at Skipjack Cove on the Sassafras River on Chesapeake Bay. Nice marina with all the amenities but a little pricey when it comes to fuel prices. They have fixed docks, pump out, marine lift, pool, dinghy racks, bar/restaurant etc.

We're moving to Inner Harbor East in Baltimore in the spring. Floating docks but no pool, no marine services (all are available near by) a bit pricier but right in the heart of Baltimore with more than 100 restaurants & bars within walking distance. It will also put us much closer to a greater number of places to cruise to on a weekend. They would also tolerate us living aboard, something we're looking to do not too far in the future.
Bella, thanks and yes we know about keeping everything out of site in the car. We've wintered over in Baltimore for the last several years (but not this one). Like any city there are certain rules you need to follow. I'm always on alert for anyone approaching us from behind, out of alleys, etc. My wife either carries a small purse or none at all to help reducethe risk of it being snatched. The car gets parked in a garage with someone on duty (no guarantee I know). The only time we're actually in Inner Harbor is on the way up to Federal Hill. The place is loaded with tourists and the associated street people that feed off of them. Still all in all we love the place. There's always something to do or see. We also find the majority of folks to be very friendly. Something that's not necessarily the case in Philly.

As for the time out to the bay you're right on the money. We make the Key Bridge in apx 45 mins and the turn north to head past Pooles Island in 1:30 hrs. We're accustomed to the same times leaving the Sassafras so no big deal.
Someone once called marinas "yacht slums". He was a purist who thought you had to hang on the hook to truly experience the ecstasy of living on the water. whatever...

I'm not going to tell you about my marina because I don't want to share it!;-)
If I could get 50A service on a ball or on the hook I would live that way in a second. I'm not completely ready to give up A/C yet.
Cheapskate! ;- O
I can't say you are all wrong there, but the big issue for me is liking the motion of the boat on a mooring or anchor much better than in a slip.
Have lived on the boat in a couple of gales with 40 and 60 Kt gusts tied in my slip while watching the boats on moorings. I'll take the slip every time. I was at 15 Deg heel in slip. Moored boats we at 30 Deg and more. Best have a gimbaled cabin. ;- )
i am on mooring in san diego bay under a nice high bridge jumpers use for their woes. we have no amenities other than hooking our boats to a ball with anchor of concrete at th ebottom of the bay. we are spozedly 10 ft depth at mean low tide but there are shoaling activities attempting to return this bay to its rightful 2-5 foot depth. we have entertainment at no extra charge--watching the groundings of those not believing in the rightful depth of this bay and we have to listen to the screams of the jumpers as they fall into the water.....all very interesting and better than tv, which i donot have....this particular mooring field is easy to enter and exit and the community within th eboating community here is very tight---even watching over those we dislike as individuals. we pay less than 130/month rent for our moorings and we are so lucky to have to land in yukkkky black ooze filled with heavy metals and pcbs.....i kayak---isnt as much of a problem in mukky low tides.....
there are marinas available in dago, if one wishes to pay more ---but i dislike those places. most of the rents in the marinas is more than 16 dollars/foot--more like 18 or so-----our security is stronger than that in a marina, so i much prefer this to marina life. we also have gang bangers from the barrio across the bay, but they are only in the parking lot and unable to access boats-- we are also closer to cheeep foodz than are those protected--or so they think--in the marinas---barrio foods are much less expensive than major chains and more have a better life than do the marina dwellers and more safety----go figger....we also arent as close to each other as are marina boats---80 ft between boats as opposed to only a narrow dock...surely beats the 2 to a slip marina docks now so popular to marina managers.....i donot like the wind blowing across my boat---i face into each wind---no bad feeling---storms are spent cooking for warmth and social times---storms are good for that.....the good cooks have visitors in storms!!...i use 2 bow lines and ride storms nicely on the formosa, and a y-set up for the ericson makes her ride sweeeet, especially with 20 feet of line to lead her.........


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