I am the proud owner of a Irwin 10/4 sailboat of 1978 vintage,,,,However my Yanmar YSE8 diesel engine is not well, and is in need of serious repair or replacement.
I am located in the flatlands of Iowa where diesel powered sailboats are rather few and far between, and as a result marine repair stations are like wise scarce.
Does anyone on seaknots know of a shop where I could ship my engine?, or maybe better yet is it possible to get a remanufactured YSE8?
Thanks for any information... Gary J..

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Hi, I can relate to engine problems

You may want to also post this in the GROUP ZEN....above under Groups...I have gotten great help there.

Are you near a big city? I know Minnesota has lakes and sailboats

Maybe you could go online to YANMAR and ask for closest dealer repair near you.

Small engine repair shops?

In Farm country I'm sure a machinery dealer could give leads?

I have a 1987 Yanmar , and had the top end rebuilt...Price was $6000, at $85 an hour....Christmas gifts this year will be small.

Good luck
Lola, thanks for your ideas, The price of your top overhaul is scary.. I understand why Christmas will be small. At my income level, I must find another way. At this time, it appears that Torrensen Marine will be able to help with needed parts. My job now is to find a shop with the equipment to remove the wet sleeve. Other than that I hope to do the job in my garage. This past summer I removed the engine, replaced the clyinder head gasket, thought I had solved all problems, reinstalled engine in boat. I started right up and ran perfectly for about 10 minutes and then I discovered water in oil again which indicates seal on bottom of wet sleeve is also leaking...Further disassembly indicated need to replace rod bearings. Further disassembly may also show that main bearings also need replacement.. By the time this is done ,"I will be very familiar with my Significant Other"....grin... Thank you Lola..
Thank you Chris, Found Torrensen Marine.
this site unable to ship to Iowa,, Thanks
Hi Gary,
I have the same engine in a Grampian 26. They are old but very reliable and very simple engines. Try Torreson Marine for parts and advice.
Thanks for the help and encouragement,, I think Torrenson is what I needed,,,,,
Try its a tutorial site with links to various resources.
Just my opinion,
But I feel that Lola was overcharged about $5000.00. It's criminal when a shop charges based on the knowledge base of the customer. Lola could have bought a new engine and had it installed for a few dollars more.
Larry Wilson
I need to reply...The repair got underway..and the damage to this engine, by neglect over the years, kept unfolding. I was in contact with other Freedom owners advising along the way, as well sailors on this site.,,,even a 3 way conversation with the boatyard, doing the work....a Yanmar dealership.
It got to a point with the costs...should we continue. We decided the cost of a new engine..installed, would have to be added to what already had been done. I was told the Yanmar was a great engine and would be like new....thus the decision to continue...I discussed with my consulting team all along the way. The amazing part is they get $85 an hour....
Didn't know if you'd seen this site.. Has the YSE manual to download. Good luck!
Thank you Claude, I am sure that wil be helpful.....Following Lolas' advice, I have located small qualified, shop nearby that will give advice, has equipment, and will let me do as much as I can, Asks $40 per hour for his time.
With parts from Torrenson, and your manual, Should be ready to get to work after Christmas....Thanks again.....
Gary, I just finished a rebuild on my YSM 12 which is very similiar to your engine. I am just a shade tree mechanic sailor. The most difficult part was getting the tool for pulling the cylinder liner. I had a local machine shop build one for me. With the tool, removing the liner is easy. Installing the new liner is easy also. In my rebuild I replaced the head, the liner, piston and rings, and rod bearings. I did not tear the engine down far enough to change the main bearings. I did the work with the engine in place in the boat. These old engines are well built but have a couple of design problems. The heads are bad about cracking between the intake and exhaust valves. The oil pump has a bushing that can result in a low oil pressure problem. I have not tested my oil pressure with a gauge yet.


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