Since we have been full time cruisers, the rust build up on our metals much more frequently. We have tried a few different products but nothing so far a very simple solution. What works for you?

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Alright Martin !!!!! That goes on my maintenance kit list ~!*~!*~!*~*!*~!*~! ~! thanks
ospho sounds great but i make an uncoordinated and palsified mess when i do anything---so i choose the barkeepers friend--doesnt hurt the figerglass or wood or anything else....easy to use and washes right off even with salt the simple and so inexpensive........
Everyone that sails in salt water soon learns that stainless steel isn't stainless, it just takes it a bit longer to rust than some other metals. If your rust is on stainless steel, remove it with 00 or finer, bronze steel wool - there are some chrome polishes for car bumpers that will protect it, if you want to coat it with something. If it's on engine surfaces or the like, spray it with RustStop or similar product.
Good day,

Over the past couple of years we have worked with a process used in the food industry to remove rust from Stainless Steel. We adapted this process to a product that can be easily used on boats in the marine environment and is safe. Simply brush it on wait up to 30mins then rinse with fresh water and your Stainless Steel will sparkle. It is especially effective for hard to reach places such as threads on turn buckles, chainplates, welds ...

It removes the rust from Stainless and surrounding areas where the rust may have run such as sealant and deck. What is unique and makes it most effective is it also removes the "free iron" from the surface that causes rust on Stainless Steel and enables a rich chromium surface which reacts with oxygen in the air to create a tough oxide layer that protects the Stainless Steel and extends the time between cleaning. The name of the product is Spotless Stainless. You can see how it works on the web at (Disclosure - I am involved with spotless stainless)

After reading Allen's post I ordered a pint. Tried it on a rusty snap shackle and mine came out just like the photo he posted! Amazing stuff. I'm ordering another pint before we head out next month.
Been doing a little reading up on rust and stainless. Citric acid is one that is used to combat rust on stainless and is a natural acid. Not being in salt water yet, I am thinking of trying a paste of bar keepers friend and Citric acid. But have to see how both react to each other first. Thinking a paste would help to hold it onto vertical surfaces.



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