Since we have been full time cruisers, the rust build up on our metals much more frequently. We have tried a few different products but nothing so far a very simple solution. What works for you?

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They make a product for...go on line...also I heard Armour All
We use Flitz and elbow grease. A lot of our friends swear by Bartenders Friend....and of course elbow grease.

There's no free ride when it comes to rust.

s/v Veranda
barkeepers friend and a toothbrush make for easy rust stuff on this earth for rust removal!!!!! nothing equal or better in my book--not even much elbow grease with barkeepers friend and easy....
Should I try the powder or the liquid bartenders friend?
Thanks for your thoughts! Which Flitz product works best for you? I looked at their website and saw that they have sooo many!
There is something I ve used on land, but it seems to keep its effect even when it rains. Ive used two different things. "Rust Treatment" (applied every 20 minutes) and "Extend"(applied every 2 minutes). When their last coat is appled, the rust will appear black, then aplly another coat in 24 hrs. Either has never rerusted and makes for a paintable surface. They both neutralize the rust. Probably leaving it natural is what I would do for rusting ss.

Ive found Rust Treatment in Home depot(paint dept) and Extend in the some auto parts stores (by the under coatings and other rust stuff). It's great stuff for small projects and spots ye want to catch early as inside light bulb sockets where rust inhibits. Make sure ye knock off the heavy rust on bigger projects.

I still use it and I will make a note to a carry few cans aboard.........Thanks for bringin it up.

Extend also comes in a jelly like Naval Jelly, but those make fer really messy job.

WD-40 displaces water(as a preventative -best when used before the rust starts)

WARNING: Heed warnings when messin w/ aerisols.

I'll keep a lookout for it in the local stores here. I just wish there was a home depot somewhere in the Caribbean ;-)
i use the powder barkeepers friend and a easy and works well.....
Ok, great.... I like easy...especially when it comes to this task! Thanks so much!
CRC Rust Inhibiter is great for prevention. Prism Polish is awesome polisher.
Just added this to my grocery list.
Is how Rust Treatment and Extend works,,,but I like this idea for bein able to walkin away and tendin to other things -sailin.



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