we would like to go to Abacos from Miami, we are new, looking for advaice, our bote is a Benetau 43.
Route, places to go, would be ok to go in December? we only have 12 days.

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Schedules and sailboats don't mix. If you only have 12 days, you may have to travel when you shouldn't. You might spend most of the 12 days just waiting for a decent weather window.
You are right and unfortunately that is all we have and we will like to get as much as possible, so maybe we need to find different route than Abacos?
Like Peter said, 12 days isn't very much time. The weather could easily eat up 12 days or you might get lucky, very lucky.

If you do decide to head out you might want to head for Lucaya. Take a slip at the marina there and you can take a short walk to check into the country. After that its up to you as to how fast you want to move and what type of experience you want to have. There are some really nice places where you can have a bit of privacy. A lot of the bigger spots in the Abacos are pretty crowded with American and Canadian boats. There's a reason that the Abacos are sometimes referred to as East Florida. If you want to go out to eat every day, the Abacos are a good place to do that. If you want some extreme privacy then a quick jump down to the Berries is easy and quite pristine.

The weather in the Abacos during that time of year is usually pretty windy. Bring good ground tackle.

s/v Veranda
Thanks Bill
We just started cruising, only one twice went to Bimini, so minimal experience but love to gain more in a safe way.
I guess the Berry will be shorter for 12 days?
Bimini is great! You don't have to stay there the whole time. Check in, get some good conch salad at Friendly Joe's in Baileytown. Chill for a bit. Then, head for anchorages at Gun Cay and Cat Cay. Check out the wreck of the Sapona, do some snorkeling. As you know, getting to Bimini from Miami is relatively easy. Getting back can be more of a challenge when you consider the stream. Instead, head for Ft Lauderdale and then south to Miami. You still have to consider the weather. Even going to Bimini from Miami and to Lauderdale from Bimini can be dicey.

However, if you are willing to put up with 8, 10, 12 hours of uncomfortable ride, you can make the crossing even if things aren't favorable. The first time we crossed the stream was as students on a 53' boat. Obviously, we had a schedule. Northeast winds. It was terrible. Return trip, SE winds, beautiful! The next time was on our own boat, Ft Lauderdale to Bimini, E winds, obviously a motoring trip, it was as bad as N or NE winds. The only comfortable point of sail wold have taken us to Bermuda! We had the good sense to turn around. Finally made the crossing from Miami with South winds. Decent enough but a motorsail. If you can put up with unfavorable conditions, you can go anytime. I don't recommend it. Why beat yourself to death and why put the boat through it (although most boats can take more than we can).
Thanks Peter
I have been twice in Bimini under bad weather and was very uncomfortable.
I have decided we are going to the Berry's islands in December, I have looked the charts and will be impossible to go from Bimini to Great harbor in one day leaving Bimini at 6am so I guess we will have to anchor outside and enter next day or if you have any suggestion will be great.
Thanks again
You can make it from Bimini to Mackey Shole in a day. Anchor a mile or so off the charted rhumbline. We did that and got up about midnight to head for Nassau. No need to get up so early if you are headed to the Berrys. We are planning next winter's trip. Thinking about going to Andros and the Berrys. Maybe we'll see you there.

s/v Now or Never!
we are going in December the 19-20 until January 2nd, will be good if we can sail together, I do have some questions maybe you can help me, The wind direction in December is usually a problem ?? or ocasionally we can face North wind.
I want to be sure December is a good time to go to the Berry's
thans again
Jaime, we don't yet have a target date. We will probably sail from Miami to Bimini although FLL to Bimini is possible with the right weather and wind. Let's keep in touch and maybe get together on the water.

That will be fine


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