Andrea started an interesting discussion re: how did you come to name your boat. I'd like to offer a little twist...

I think one of the worst things I've seen on dinghys is the ubiquitous "T/T More Money Than Brains." You've all seen that, too.

I've also seen some very clever tender names... my favorite was "Spring Fling," the dinghy from the yacht "Summer Love."

Do you all have any favorites that have stuck in your mind, or how do you address the situation with your own boat and tender?

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I bought a used Achilles a while back and it was named "LIMO" I called it the limo as in the fruit for gin etc.
My kids got a laugh and corrected me it is pronounced Limo as in limosene I still prefer to call it after the fuit.
I named my dinghy "Half Decent" for the s/v "Indecent" an Amel Super Maramu
My little sloop (an Aquarius) is named "StarShine" ("Good Morning, Star Shine"). The dingy is therefore called "Glimmer".

I do see the danger in tying the two names together, but I'd imagine a lot of that would depend on where one is sailing. In the waters I frequent there would generally be no proiblem.
I agree that it's an invitation to trouble with the dink and the mothership sharing the same name, as in T/T, and if you're cruising in areas that are essentially third world and the native tongue isn't English, the odds that someone on shore with malicious intent is going to make the connection between Spring Fling and Summer Love and some of the names mentioned here.
Our previous boat "White Lightning" had an un-named tender. We just couldn't come up with one that was clever. Then we had a miserable day on the race course and finished dead last, well after the 'next-to-last' boat finished. As we passed the committee boat, I offered my apology for being so slow and thanked them for sticking around for us to finish. One of the committee members just said, "Hmmph! White Lighting, It looks more like static electricity." Our dinghy had earned its name.
After the second line, I was thinking name it Shooter. But, see ye already did the deed.
Our boat is TRITON, and we dithered about naming the dinghy for quite a while, but eventually decided we had to come up with something. Since we were in Mexico at the time, we named the first dinghy "Tritonita"

Check out our blog episode for details.
I recommend naming it with love the first time. It takes two kegs and a priest to rename one.
Two kegs and a priest? You only need a good bottle of rum and a ceremony to rename your mothership. Either way, it is completely necessary so as not to offend the Gods!
We sold our power boat in April, and bought a used sail cat. The power boat's name was Salty Dog, and our dinghy was unofficially named Puppy Dog. the cat's name is Confuse A Cat, but we haven't renamed the dinghy to match as of yet. My wife wants to keep Puppy Dog, but actually put lettering on one of these days.
My boat a Newport 30 is Mast Confusion and the dinghy a 10'2" WM RIB is named Just Confused
I'll have to tell my wife about "Just Confused". For Confuse A Cat, I like that better than Puppy Dog.


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