Andrea started an interesting discussion re: how did you come to name your boat. I'd like to offer a little twist...

I think one of the worst things I've seen on dinghys is the ubiquitous "T/T More Money Than Brains." You've all seen that, too.

I've also seen some very clever tender names... my favorite was "Spring Fling," the dinghy from the yacht "Summer Love."

Do you all have any favorites that have stuck in your mind, or how do you address the situation with your own boat and tender?

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Hi there,

Our boat is Sailor Dance, and the dinghy is Sailor Dink
Met a fellow sailor in Dinner Key, Miami, earning his living making jewelry on his beamy wooden sloop named "Giggling Witch." His dinghy was named "The Wiggling Bitch."

Fair winds,

My boat is Auspicious and the dinghy is Merit. I think the only security risk might be a raving Buddhist monk walking the docks. *grin*
I had a CS27 named "Three Sheets" The tender was "Short Sheet"
My current boat is "AllAboutMe" and the dinghy "AllAboutYou"
a neighbor has a boat 32 downeaster named sea bird
his dink is white spot.........
I figure that if they want to rob your boat, they're gonna watch you come in, and they already know what boat you're on. Not much you can do except make sure that your boat is secure and your neighbors keep a look out.
I had a dinghy named "Vacilando", which means small thing that goes back and forth. Latin root word of vacillate? I guess so.
I saw a dinghy once that was named "Maid of Pligh". Think about it.
maid of pligh is soooo cute and sooooo appropriate!!!!!! mine have no names--i donot have a woodedn dink
plastic dinks get no names--and my reflatable says t/t far niente on it-----got it from dinghy doctor in shelter island...dago.....seems far niente traded it for a better one..yes, i know why.....hehehehe..
After purchasing our first boat: 1974 Paceship PY23 that was previously owned by one owner for 23 years.
We asked what the name of the boat was. reply: OBSESSION
Bought the boat in the middle of the winter sitting under a tarp in the cockpit (did I mention cold).
Since that day, I do nothing but think of ways to make our love even better, kind of "obsessed' I guess.
needless to say we decided the name was fitting.
Oh, the dinghy name: LIL

Looking for some creative help.  When I moved to FL 34 years ago I immediated fell in love with the style of a sportfisherman. About three ago I bought my dream sportfish. I was very lucky and found an original owner 41 Hatteras. She was well cared for and we intend to do the same. We named her Hatta Dream. She came with a 1994 hard bottom Caribe with a Hinda 9.9. Now I have purchased a new fully fiberglass 11ft dinghy with a console and a 20hp Tohatsu. It will serve as a little runabout when not stored on the deck of Hatta Dream. I would like to give it a creative name as well.


Just joined SeaKnots hope to meet some good folks.





Hi Ken   


How about a play on Hatta Dream's name...........


  "Lil  Dreamer"


Dave J

s/v StarShine




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