How did you name your boat? I am always curious about how people name their boat and if there is a story behind it. After seeing all of the names on this site, I am looking forward to hearing the stories...So, If you have a boat how did you come up with the name?

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Oh My Goodness I haven't heard of the Nancy Dawson in years, Being an old ex RN seaman I remember very well being piped to stand down to Salute Her Majesty,
Ron, how cool you'd know Nancy Dawson from personal experience. I've heard it online and even got a copy of the music and taught myself to play it on my flute. You're the first person I've ever had contact with that knows the background of the name. Most people think it's either once of my children or a long-lost lover.
One time I was going to name a boat and I took the first three syllables of my kids SARah IAn and STeven, well the end product would have come out SARIAST, (sorry-assed) well that didn't work
My boat was being fixed up a bit when I bought her. Every time I asked my friend that I bought her from when she would be ready his reply was always two more weeks. Six months later when we finally launched her I named her "TWO MORE WEEKS" :)
Great story! That's really funny!
Hi Andrea : I just joined SK & this is my first here we go...

Our Beneteau 361 is called "Winpipe" I'm a competitive piper...& have a wife who's a very sweet & understanding gal. ;)

There's more about the name on our website

We are planning on trading our B361 in the near future for a Beneteau 423 (her idea !!) since Mary wants us to have a "reasonable bed" to sleep in & no longer have to bunk down in a "crawl-over" berth as we do at present.

The name for the new boat is already settled, but I'm sworn to secrecy.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to Seaknots!

I checked out your website and love it. I can tell you guys put a lot of thought into it. I saw you had photos of Bob Bitchin and Jody with you and Mary. Are you Lats & Ats fans too? My husband and I had an article published in magazine # 64 on La Digue Island in the Seychelles (pg 109). You should check it out.

I can understand why Mary wants to trade up, the 423 is a fantasic boat. ...and I cannot wait to hear the new name!

Did you see the Beneteau group? You should absolutely join, especially since you're going on your 2nd...

Take care,
Hi Andrea :

Bob & Jody are great folks & we've been out "whooping it up" with them on many occasions, although we're not really big party animals...Bob definetly brings out the worst in us !! ;)

Mary was the original model for the Lats white jacket, however, she was replaced after a couple months by Milonne (who's georgeous!!!) the Lat's accountant's daughter. ;)

Have a look here

In 2000 we hauled our Airstream trailer down to St Pete's Florida & Bob wanted me to play some tunes for the was can click on my picture to see a bigger pic of me playing on stage in between Eric's sets...hey, pirates really dig jigs..who'da known !!

I joined the Beneteau group here (of course) & folks should also have a look at

Actually, Lats (Bob) did an article about how I managed to get that domain (in a 2001 issue) & set up our Beneteau association for Lake Erie & Lake St Clair.

I was memeber #45 in the original Lats bulletin board & I think I'm #80'ish now due to it's being re-organized after the night of 100 boat hooks.

For those of you who might be familier with Eileen Quinn's music, have a look here

Eileen & David came down to see us & take part in our Beneteau owner's rally in 2005 & stayed aboard Winpipe as our guests.

The sailing community is a wonderful thing to have going on in your life & we're just having a blast being a part of it all.

It's good to be here.

Wow! Sounds like you are busy. It's great to have you here on Seaknots. Stay in touch-
Hi Andrea,

I fell in love with sailing when my brothers and I sailed a Cedar Oldtown canoe, about fifty years ago.

When I married my first wife I tried to convince her that we should have a sailboat. There were always reasons that we should postpone the purchase of a boat (house, braces for the children, education, etc). When the children had left the nest, we sailed the Caribbean for two weeks. She was hooked. We went boat shopping, but during that time she suffered liver failure. She passed away eight years later.

After I paid off her medical bills, my brother found a Morgan 28 for sale. I purchased her and named her "Nareszcie" which in Polish roughly translates to "At Last".


What a beautiful story. Sounds like you have been through a lot, but are able to still live your dream. After reading your story, it seems like the perfcet name, it is so meaningful.

Sometimes you inherit a boat with the perfect name. In our case, we are the second owners of our catamaran Don Quixote. While the name might break nautical tradition, it seemed so appropriate for a family of five cutting the lines and sailing into an unknown future, we decided to keep it. The definition of quixotic describes us perfectly: "romantic, wild-eyed, not sensible about practical matters, idealistic and unrealistic, "a romantic disregard for money", "a wild-eyed dream of a world state."


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