Let's build a collective list of sailing movies!

Here's the first one: DEAD CALM featuring Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill

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Someone mentioned " A High Wind in Jamaica ".
1965 Anthony Quinn and James Coburn in a tale of the last days of Caribbean piracy.

Oh, let us not for get Yellowbeard ,1983 Monty Python goes to sea. If alowed for the silly side of us?
Another movie that I've only seen twice is Billy Budd
Filmed in 1962, from the book of the same name written by Herman Melville, Directed by Peter Ustinov depicting a dire situation on a British Navy frigate in 1797. The cinematography is amazing with very real footage of the ship sailing and crew work.
The most amazing historic sailing documentary ever filmed was by Irving Johnson in 1929 as he sailed on the Brig PEKING, entitled "Around the Horn".
The Peking is moored at the South Street Seaport & Museum where a small theater shows this film daily.
It can be purchased also in DVD.
Another good sailing movie is Riddle in the Sands
The book is fantastic, and the sailing in the movie is real.
Here is about what the boat looked like:

Wow, 3 in a row... I'm on a roll !
I recently saw Open Water 2 - Adrift. It was based on the true events of some friends out for a sail, they jump in the water to take a swim but no one put the ladder down...this movie went straight to video. It's any sailors worst nightmare-
I saw the movie, too -- or at least as much as I could sit through. I think there's a reason it went straight to video. Any sailor's worst nightmare? More like any moviegoer's worst nightmare.
When I took myself to the movie(dont happen often) to see Mr. Brooks, I was looking over my shoulder from when it was over till there was no one behind me on the way home. For real!
Adventures in Paradise, Gardner McKay.
Old, corney, black and white but I love em.
Morning Light! :) I cried at the end even though i dont think it was a "crying" movie but it got me all emotional that they did very well!
Ok, I just saw AUSTRALIA......A FANTASTIC MOVIE...3 hours long, very historical...and a sailboat is featured at end....It is a MUST SEE...ANYONE ELSE SEE IT?
A documentary: "Jean du Sud" by Yves Gelina.
Another documentary: "Blue Water Odyssey" by a family doing a voyage.

Both good.


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