While I'm sure she's a very nice person, does anyone else find it curious that while "Featured" members come and go every time you log into the home page you can always depend on Andrea's picture being there? I've been one of the featured members too, but am I missing something? Most "Featured" members generally are "Featured" for a day or two and then disappear.

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Too funny, within an hour after the post above Andrea turns up missing and I'm up there...LMAO!
I rather see Andrea anytime. Really, who care about featured members. Isn't the goal to share ideas, information and to network?

I really like seeing the photos on the Home page. Much more detail than the "featured members" and more directly related to sea going activities.

Is this like the "Where's Waldo" adventure?
I bet she's watching the NY Giants, vs Carolina Panthers NFL game.
Great game!
4th quarter w/ 4min 28 to 20, Panthers
Giants on 1st and goal on the 5 yd.
1st down play, Manning pass to Jacobs, pass interference penalty against Panthers, ball on the one.
2nd down -Jacobs up the middle.. Touchdown!
What do you bet they go for the 2-pointer?
Manning in the gun, fake to Jacobs, pass to Hickson. 2 points!!!
Game tied!!!
Commercial break.... :(
3:15 kickoff, Panthers on the 38
Pass to Stuart, 1st down on the Giants 49
2nd down, run to Stuart to the 48.
2 minute warning, tied at 28
Pass to Mohamad to the 40.
Williams to the 25, 1st down, no, holding Penatly against Panthers.
Panthers Kaysey practicing kicking on the sidelines.
Williams tackled on the 40.
Giants use last time out.
Williams end around run to the 33 out of bounds, 3rd down & 6.
Williams stopped at the 32.
Kaysey comes out for a 50 yd field goal attempt.
9 seconds left on the clock!
Kick-NO GOOD! Wide to the left!
Aim good if no wind...
I guess Kaysey's not a sailor
Game goes to overtime....
OK, I won't fill up the discussion with text...
I'll need another beer....
15 min overtime. giants win the toss.
Enjoy the rest of the game!
It may depend on the last time there was activity associated with your account profile, but she is also the co-founder so that has its perks as well.


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