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At 1:14pm on December 13, 2010, zeehag said…
psj--an "old home" port for us--i so love it there-- did ye goto appalachicola?/is so awesome there and whict ci5ty docks are co isolated and free!! protected from the storms..awesome..just beware of the spoils banke found in darkness to break phillips boat.
wolf bay is with good holding inbad storms and has a sheltered area in which ot anchor..just be aware of the piles at the eastern entrance to wolf bay. pensacola great harbor was open and fun to watch those not able to anchor on memorial day weekend..LOl.. fun!! looks like ye had a good cruise--i so lloved it there---. ..
At 2:25am on December 12, 2010, zeehag said…
setting out march 1 or sooner--as soon as crew gets here--to sail south -either canal or beagles cut a bit farther south.. should be able to meet you guys for dinner in , say, 2 years??? will keep in touch-- will postpix...
At 12:33pm on October 21, 2010, zeehag said…
waaaah-- wish i were there-- a month 8is a long time to plaay--lol-- have fun n dgwt ready to come to caribean to see me!!! mebbe we can meet in isla mujeres or something.
will keep ye posted....
please take a loto of pictures and post them--i miss it there..... relocation in orogress-- just gonna take some time...... my boat is slow.
At 9:23pm on October 20, 2010, zeehag said…
i know how to fix the cant go nowhere blues-- i am leaving sin diego in december to head south... aiming at a ditch thru panama and carib and more gulf--- could arrange a sailing adventure---- lets guys and me n phil or whomever is the crew....
At 11:11am on July 7, 2010, zeehag said…
gina--how is the boat coming along?? is all well?? missed being able to see anyone before i came home---keep in touch----what is new?//
At 2:38pm on April 7, 2010, Capt Chuck Creel said…
Ahoy gina,
Jacob's dream is a hunter 30, cherubini design. She is named after my son who passed away on 2004 at age 8 and just learning to sail..
At 11:11am on April 7, 2010, zeehag said…
come on in the waters fine!!!!(from phil)...we will be crossing after the 14th--payday lol...needs money f or mexico--prolly headd own to tortugas then cross...looking like that is our current plan lol.....ft myers area first for provisions...hooyah....when going to psj--go to white city in the icw--is protected and gorgeous--my pix are here somewhere lol.....i think i have a slideshow on my page....dont forget about bridge heights east of pensacola--they are only 50 ft--they dont believe in tall rigs there lol-we went outside at pensacola and back inside at psj..nice marina at psj or go to white city--go into icw at psj...head to appalachicola if ye likes oysters--the best i have ever had are from papa joes arent expensive either lol....
At 7:20pm on April 5, 2010, zeehag said…
how ye doing guys??
havent heard from ye in a while--hope all is going well.....go sailing LOL>..!!!!
At 9:51pm on January 25, 2010, zeehag said…
wow!!!!!! you guys are adventuring ...awesome--sounds like fun--i am going to louseyanny feb 9th and we should be leaving for tortugas, isla mujeres and yucatan and virgin islands within a few days of then--gotta go to mardi gras lol.....will be in n'awleans...gotta do it..LOL....good to hear from ye--hope to travel with you guys soon;;was fun!!
At 1:27am on January 15, 2010, zeehag said…
hay kids--how are you guys doing??
havent gotten back to louseyanny for more sailing as yet--how are your boat projects going?/ will we be seeing you on the high seas on our way to tortugas this time?? is soooo purrty there......
At 1:08pm on November 5, 2009, zeehag said…
hay guys----where are ye and whatchye been doing---miss ye on the ingrams bayou----caught 4 hardheads and one small croaker lol.....saw dolphins in here this time--they seem to know when the people donot come in and they come in then LOL....are your tanks in yet>????
At 10:54am on July 30, 2009, zeehag said…
i think mid august is our goal----i think also is a great idea----whenye going sailing as well????? gotta shed those land shoes and swim barefooted lol......
At 12:56pm on July 29, 2009, zeehag said…
woooohoooooo--dinner at your place was awesome---gooood foood, gooood company---wow....thankyou!!!!
At 1:50am on May 13, 2009, Phil Prater said…
Gina & Mike,
Will be back in Slidell tomorrow, and give you some more info. then.. John and Rachel own the boat Anna Bell 11, a newish Hunter 36. Keep it at Marina
del Ray, but live in Baton Rouge. John is a CPA and Rachel is a school teacher. Both are in their late 50's, and really nice folks. Monte got back to La. last week, and has moved his boat into a marina. Can't remember the name of it, but is up above Prieto.
Soon as I get home, will send you a PM, with my phone number, and we can go from there. At this time, plans are to all meet up at my house, and leave from there. I live in Eden Isles, which if you don't know, is right around the corner from Oak Harbor. I think I can get permission from neighbors to have two or three more boats at my place. But haven't asked yet. Also have a neigobor who may be interested in going. So far looks like five boats going in the group. More later when I get home and have more info. at hand.
Phil aka Nice N Easy
At 2:07am on May 10, 2009, Phil Prater said…
Gina & Mike
I am the " crazy " one, according to some. But as zeehag says, bunch of us heading east Memorial day weekend. Four boats that I know of at this time. Plans are sort a, maybe, sometime. But more than likely leave Slidell the 26th oe 27th. So far boat sizes are from 27 to 45 feet. Going to go east to wherever, then east some more. Sorta planning on making Appalachicola, then jump offshore and head to Clearwater. But as with all plans, these are subject to change. The marina just east of Mobile Bay, mentioned in previous post is LuLus, which is owned by Jimmy Buffets sister. Have slips, fuel, food, and fun. Will more than likely be some additions and drop outs along the way. Think we will continue on, and do Key West, the Dry Tortugas, then up the east coast. Want to try to miss this hurricane season as much as possible. Join us if you like. Will be a good trip, with some nice folks. So bring yourselves on.
At 7:47pm on May 8, 2009, zeehag said…
the crazy guy who continued on is going to be there and i will be insanely with him lol, monte, john and rachel on anabelle II, mike and martha on miss martha will be there and maybe some others.....phil, the crazy one, sez that horn island and petit bois islands are better but there is nothing there.....i am flying in from dago, nothing is definite we will prolly go from ship island to petit bois then lulus then pensacola then unknown.....nothing definite in stone at this is not a problem-wind is can prolly hook up with john and martha when they come down the river...they are leaving the marina 26 or 27.....we go 27 or 28--they are a day away from phil....andf i fly in 26th.....
At 4:04pm on May 8, 2009, Terri said…
Hi Gina & where close, I'm in Ma. about 30 miles east of Boston :-(
At 5:32am on May 8, 2009, Terri said…
Sound's like a wonderful time, enjoy reading your post's.
At 1:12am on March 9, 2009, Terry said…
Well glad to help. I am in Marina Del Rey but right now on the hard at Seabrook having work done. should be back on the north shore in a week or so. Hope to this weekend. Stop by anytime. Boat is a Peterson/Formosa 46 Sea Time formerly Gaelic Air.

Forgot to mention that if you don't wish to anchor out, though in my mind that is half the fun though Rabbit island has a muddy bottom so bring a bucket or someway to get the mud of the chain and deck. But if you get a late start and don't want to go through the Rigolets at night, (which is not hard at all) stop over in Slidell and tie up at "The docks" and have a burger and a beer or two and they won't mind if you tie up for the night. Just don't drink any of your own booze or cook on the boat. Fuel is cheaper there or was when I last tied up there and the fuel dock is easier to navigate than at Del Rey.
Fuel was available at Point Cadet Marina but bow too is the way to do it as they have an odd set up more set up for powerboat (20-30 feet) There is a nice Steak house at Isle Of Capris. In Perdido Bay, Pirates cove has a limited menu of burgers and the like, but beer is cold and if you are there on a friday or saturday night (and I would try to plan my trip to do so) there is live music often. A short dink ride across the bay is Bear Point and when last there the restaurant was not open. But it use to have great food. Again if you don't want to anchor for some reason (perhaps you have no dink) you can get a slip at Bear Point but it can be tight to turn around in. Fuel can be had but as with Point Cadet on a windy day getting in and out of fuel dock is a challenge. There are several places along the intercoastal before you get to Bear Point, and one is to port not long after you enter the intercoastal from Mobile Bay. You can get fuel easy there side too, and there is a large restaurant the name of which escapes me, and slips available. So if you find weather too rough to anchor and want to tuck in even if after dark, just follow the lit bouys and once inside the intercoastal you can tie up. Further along to starbord, there is a large Marina complex with fuel dock, and some kind of fun park. Nice facility. Never stopped there but looks impressive. Again, for my money these two places would be where I would get fuel if headed that way as opposed to Bear Point. Also if weather turns bad ie north or northeast winds making it hard to anchor at Fort Morgan, it will take a while to get across the bay but once inside it is most calm, and if you are beat the first Restaurant marina complex is just past the first 75 foot bridge and I am guessing about 5 miles or less into the intercoastal.
I don't know if Rod and Reel and Southwinds Marina are open again as they were hit by more than one storm in recent years. If either is open they provide access to Pensacola. I don't know about marinas in Pensacola because whenever I was there years ago, all were very full.

When do you plan to leave?

At 4:40pm on March 5, 2009, Gina Nadas said…
We'd love to hear from others about their experiences on the Gulf Coast, Florida and the Bahamas. Right now we are planning our first trip mid-March '09 from Lake Pontchartrain to Pensacola Florida with stops along the way. Comments and advice much appreciated!

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