Overeating junk food, while the vegetables go to waste. My fitness program has disappeared, and my energy level is again very low. I want to get away from drinking coffee, but it seems to be the only known beverage to keep me awake during those repeatitive IEP meetings I frequently have to attend in order to hopefully afford the voyage of a lifetime.. My love for SPRAY has dwindled. She needs a good polish and buffing. I'm too lazy to figure out how to work the electric buffer; don't want to have to take her to a 'yard.' I just lack ambition. Four more weeks until a nine week work break. No plans, other than to search for my next boat. I need a voyager that is safe, user friendly, and will take me as far as amy seasicknesses will tolerate.


I'm having difficulty emotionally. Living alone feels so alone. It's so different when your lover is miles away and you know that at any time he will call. Guess I miss having a boyfriend. It is so quiet without our dog. The phone isn't ringing, the TV is off after watching four hours of nonsense this evening. Though it was the first time in 5 months I watched more than an hour. How do people stand the blab, blab, blab, is beyond me. Although admittedly I am intrigued with the upcoming royal wedding. I hope she wears a big puffy traditional dress and not some skimpy silhouetted body hugging sensual oo la la, dress better saved for a new year's eve gala event.


Golly, I gotta get out of this rut. Where oh where is my next boat? When will my next venture start? There is so much work ahead, yet all I want to do is eat and sleep. Someone send me inspiration and in return I'll brighten your day with sunny thoughts and silly tales of life alone at sea.


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Comment by Liv on May 12, 2011 at 1:45pm


  I think everyone goes through some down time. I'm no exception .  It's been a long winter here in the north near Ottawa , Ontario. Last year I dreaded the end of fall, to see the leaves turn colour and disappear, knowing we'll have weeks/month of cold weather, not boat life ahead of us. Yet winter has passed and spring couldn't be any greener and more beautiful. It's what I say every year .

Over the winter we've done a lot of boat work, to get things ready for that day of launching. I couldn't wait for that day to get here. But, now it's warmed up but our dock is flooded by the rising water of the river that our dock is located on. I have a head cold of some sort which delays boating days.

Nothing is ever perfect.

So, I hope that you can get motivated because, as soon as you do, life will be great again . The minute you're on the helm ,  blue skies,  sails filled by a warm breeze, the sound of gurgling water under the bow, you'll know the world is whole again. 





Comment by ___/)ances With Sails on April 25, 2011 at 10:51pm
shoot, as long as things are goin o.k. financially, enjoy th down time...and throw th t.v. out th window so yer not tempted. tv is not an option. if ye notice, ye can feel th energy rush back into yer body when ye kill th tube after watchin for hrs., and yer mind starts wonderin what to do. satisfy those thoughts with doin th hard stuff first, while ye got th energy. do th stuff that NEEDS to be done. soon ye get back into shape and can do chores longer w/o tirin, and ye'll apprciate a good night sleep, w/o tv. durin th day, i just think about what needs to be done. do it if it HAS to be done. wtf? ye live in florida...get outta that house. sure cant become reclose. we gotta be around people. never know who needs us.
i cant stand a radio goin. it robs me of my solitude. i like to let my brain have th day to its self. everyday. when i wanna procrastinate, i jump on th bicycle and and just go. th bicycle is my means of transportation so ive acceted that and i zip all around here in an at least a 30 mile radius. got a lil rack and bag and a back pack to haul a few groceries back to th boat in. gettin back in shape, im findin more energy than i know what to do with. its tuff to just do nothin at times.
i watch a soccer game or three a day when its on on th laptop, but thats th extent of anything media. ive even left facebook LOL what a waste of time and life that shit is. i got on there cause a few freinds were. but then it was a habit to click on th icon and read half th this is th only forum i visit anymore. my myspace is still active tho. dont go there much either. really not into bein to spread out.
just into stayin on top of things. i need to comound and wax my boat. already bought th Collinite compound and wax im gonna use, just need a buffer. gave it an ernest attempt by hand but im just not aggresive as a buffer would be. not that i couldnt knock it out. lol
hell, do nothin for days, absolutely nothin till yer so bored, ready to explode with energy, that yer comoundin and waxin yers by hand lol
eatin good matters as much as keepin our heads clear and thinkin about whats around th bend of life. im not a nutritionists by no means. lol i gave up desserts and snacks for Lent, and i boy am i glad. i had a bag of m&m's today and they still aint sittin right. i wont be reachin for that crap any longer. i dont make a big deal about cookin and makin my meals taste of cultural more to do than stand in a kitchen. i eat simple and light and get on down th road.

well, thats all th inspiration i got time for. i need to get up from here and do somethin. oh wait, its bed time.



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