Wow, it's been two whole days since I posted my last blog titled, "Life is Good." It seems like a record that 48 hours later I can still claim that "Life is Good." Sure, sadness is a part of life. Sadness, though, makes us appreciate what we have had and what is yet to come. Take for example the Tree of LIfe. It was a gift from the faculty and staff to everyone, who has been loved and lost as a result of death, by a Palm Bay Elementary School Lil' Pirate. Each morning I park by the lovely Magnolia Tree and capture a leaf about to fall. I either save the leaf in my office or share it with someone who has those "I miss you blues."

Our Tree of Life has many blooms which I will start counting tomorrow along with one or two students. Also, all the kids in the Garden Club who will keep the tree watered and pruned will get a cup with 3 - 5 caterpillars in it. When they become butterflies we will take them out to the tree and watch them become the freedom riders they represent. My colleague, Dr. Stevie Weimer facilitates a grief counseling group for students in need. Those students also will be given a caterpillar cup.

Our very encouraging and fun loving principal has agreed to let the students visit their caterpillar cups and or set their butterflies free each day at 2 pm. Her comment was, "What a great way for them to relax after taking the grueling Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test!"  She is so nice.

What does all this caterpillar flying and life trees have to do with sailing? It has evreything to do with sailing. Sailing is free, well after you pay for the boat of course. The wind is free. Without having nice ways to remember our losses sailing wouldn't be the same. To truly appreciate life's pleasures we have to find the rainbow after the rain. We have to find the calm after the storm. We have to endure in order to embellish the wonders of our world.


Ay,,,,,,may life continue to feel good for at least another day.


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