We have been in Grenada for over a month now and have had a chance to explore some of the bays that line the south coast. Each one has it's own personality and style. Some are very well protected and some are rolly. Some are handy to shopping and some are very isolated. If you are in the mood to get away from it all, you can find a place or if you like lots of action you can find that too. The people are very friendly and we feel very safe here. There was a burglary on a boat during Carnival but the perps were caught and the property was returned. There has been no violent crime reported and there is a very active cruisers network.
The cruising community is very strong with everyone really looking out for their fellow cruisers. It is a very friendly and tight knit community that welcomes everyone who has managed to get this far. We have met so many great people, but then, cruisers are a special breed.
Next week we plan to take a tour of the islang and visit some of the land based attractions. Will report back on what we find. Guess that's all for now.
Fair winds to all.

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Comment by Jim Jackson on September 15, 2009 at 2:39pm
We did take a self guided island tour. We went to the Belmont Estate chocolate factory, ummm and visited the rain forest, beautiful.
We also spent time at a place called Concord Falls. A beautiful little waterfall with a nice pool at the bottom. It was a treat to swim in cool fresh water. Our dog tootsie loved it! especially the chance to drink the water while swimming around in it. Keep Grenada on your list it is a beautiful island. Yes we are having a great time here but the time is going by really fast.
Comment by Terri on September 2, 2009 at 3:29am
Sound's likek you're having a wonderful time! Grenada on my list of places to see! Fair winds! Terri

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