End of May seems to be when the weather in London has defrosted enough for me to get out onto/into the water. Because I am in London with no coast closer than an hours train ride, I decided to do dinghy sailing to improve my core sailing, my wind awareness and get a feel for how a boat handles when it is very reactive.

I joined the London Corinthian Sailing Club. A magical yacht/dinghy/rowing club on the river Thames, close to Hammersmith bridge. It is the perfect inner city club - a lot of mid-life, mostly singles, good earners, all with a passion for sailing or the sea. They have so many activities on that you have to chose the things carefully as there is so much to chose from and all equally fantastic, covering the whole range from offshore sailing overseas and locally, to yacht racing and dinghy sailing over weekends.

The Thames is an interesting place to learn how to sail as the spot where we are located is very tidal and the tide very strong. And with being on a dinghy, any mistake means you're going over - I swam a lot at the beginning. As time progressed I am much improved. I successfully completed the Dinghy courses I & II and also took part in some Enterprise open events with a kindly old gentleman who invited me as crew on his enterprise for these events. But summer here draws to and end all too soon and I normally pack it in for the winter.

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