I've been working on my Columbia Sabre for the past six weeks, making her nice for her new owner. Most of the work was interior cabinetry and cosmetic. I had to replace bunks, cabinet faces, counter tops, and I painted all of the wood work save two bulkheads and trim, bright white. It really perked up the interior.

While I was at it, I built a new sliding hatch, new lazerette covers with inlays, and a new aft hatch cover.

We hooked the trailer up to the pickup, and drove from Richmond,Va to Warwick, RI on Monday. If you've never towed a 33 foot, 6500 lb boat thru the Bronx, it's not something you want to do unless you have a sense of adventure. We missed a ramp for the George Washington Bridge and had to drive thru residential streets that were never intended for large boats.

We made it to Warwick without any major issues after driving for 14 hours. Delivered the boat to the marina, waited while the marina crew offloaded it and blocked it. I had a couple of last minute jobs to take care of, like re-attaching the forward hatch, which had blown off in transit. Always remember to latch the

Drove all day Tuesday and arrived back in Richmond before Midnite. All good, happy new owner, happy previous owner, though I will miss her. Wild Swan is the long, skinny boat on the left in the photo.

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Comment by John Storring on April 17, 2012 at 8:30am

Hi Richard,

She looks good.  I am going to buy my next boat from you!  Wish all previous owners did as much!

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