After two days of having my sister Jane, and another day having my volleyball coach assist with tying up the nets, they are almost secure. At least if someone were to stumble and fall onto one of them, or cautiously walk across them, the net should hold their body weight. It will be another day or two or three of tying a second row to seriously secure them. Despite careful planning each net was tied on a little differently. Getting the nets organized to stretch equally in all directions was quite the challenge. Setting them up took a lot of patience. It was definitely an iterative cycle of doing a few inches on one side, then a few on the perpendicular side, then down the third side aways.

In all 4 cases, after about 30 minutes of tying up a net all the lacing had to be taken out. On the rethreading things seemed to fall into order. Then, it was just a tedious, awkward positioning of one's body in order to secure all four sides.

The good news is that they are secure enough for us to sail tomorrow. My #1 sailing mate, Maryanne will join us. I am excited to show off the new electrical addition to the windlass. What a surprise it will be when I insist she go out on the bow to unlatch the safety pin on the anchor. Then, she will be directed to watch that the chain leads out orderly as the anchor is lowered. I will take charge of the toggle switch located right next to the helm. Wowie, zowie, thanks to Mike (Maverick) the anchor can now be controlled right from the cockpit.

While there is still more work to be done. I'm thankful we can go out into the ocean for a short coastal cruise provided I can change the oil and the filter without causing mayhem. Think positive because we know it doesn't get better than this...or does it?

Yea, if I could find someone with the time, energy, and willingness to create a user friendly website for me, things would be a tad better. Any takers?






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Comment by Veranda on April 1, 2012 at 10:01pm

Can you start a blog.  They're easy to set up with set by step guides to follow.  You can add advertising or whatever you want. Ours is s/v Veranda


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