After a really quiet season, the first named Tropical Depression now has a cone of potentially hitting Florida by the weekend.

Sea Owl is ready to go sailing (didn't happen last weekend....long story! LOL). Hubby will be driving over to the marina on Monday to tie down and make sure the Owl is as ready as possible for strong winds and rain. Endless Wind on her trailer will need to be examined as well to make sure she will be all right too.

Drat it! The first weekend we were going to be able to take the Owl out and now it's hurricane city!!! Such is the way it is. We will see. As I said, I have an 8 ball too and am probably as accurate with it as the weather forecasters! I just haven't consulted it yet.

Anyone down in the southern waters, good luck to you. The storms are definitely coming.

The theorem advanced that the strong storms come later in the year because of the waters becoming so warm during the summer: let's go with a bingo on that!

Will need to buy bread this weekend. I'll check out the bread aisle tomorrow to see how seriously people in the
O Town are taking this storm. I would imagine, since we are 5 years to the day this past week of Charley's devastation, that there will be a bread run.

Everyone stay safe and dry. I am now activated to report on the storms. Look for more frequent blogging.

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Comment by zeehag on August 15, 2009 at 7:24pm
at this moment, bill looks worse than ana--she looks to be diminishing---wooohoo--let us pray to gods of sea!!!!! there is another behind bill----but ana seems to be running out of steam!!!! those in hawaii--guillermo is growing and hopefully will miss the islands--looks at this time like may skim them--ouch--so far his sustained winds are still a ways away from his goal----so---we alll keep watch.....

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