Entering the Westsail to evaluate the complete extent of her neglect and injuries was quite a frightening experience. I felt as if what I was surveying would never be able to be resurrected. But the optimistic "Captain John" was not deterred for long. After we found a place among the mess to sit down, he began thinking about what to do first.

The floors came out, doors off the cabinets, cushions out to clean, the ceiling cover ripped out, old stove gone, old sink gone, table removed,mold removed,head out, bulkhead torn out to be replaced, and I cannot count the sandpaper and varnish purchased to try to revive the teak on board. All the parts seemed to be there. The mast was on saw horses to be rewired and fitted with good equipment.The pulpit was also on sawhorses for repair and sanding sanding sanding then varnish varnish varnish...New turtle and hatch was built and ready to install, and it looked like all the rigging was there. Some worn stays and turnbuckles had to be replaced. Captain John worked endless hours hauling out trash, just so he could move inside the vessel to do the work.
The Sailboat is still tied to the Egg Harbor at this point and once we got it emptied out and the most pressing things done, it was time to pull her and check out the hull, pull the motor, and begin the construction and repairs for the restoration. THAT will be my next entry because it is going to be a long, absolutely UNBELIEVABLE unfolding of events! Just the beginning of over 3 years of work that continues to this day, of IS a SAILBOAT!

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