However, Claudette is going North up the state of Alabama having originated in the far north eastern Gulf. Projected to hit the panhandle of Florida first. Guess she doesn't want to join the party with Ana and Bill.

Bill's path is putting Florida possibly in its path also. At least this is the storm the weather people are talking up during the weather forecasts. Ana is still predicted to go up the Gulf also, and as stated before, the back bands are due to come up the state. Gusty winds and rain for us!

And there's Guillermo out in the Pacific. That storm is heading in an arc on the east side of Hawaii. Doesn't look set to hit land over there according to the noaa predicted cone.

That's all for now. Staying observant on the weather front.

Stay safe and dry.

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Comment by zeehag on August 16, 2009 at 6:14pm
waterwings...LOL...and a gooood anchor.......
Comment by zeehag on August 16, 2009 at 4:27pm
at least guillermo is diminioshing last i looked--down to 100 mph winds from 110---goood luck, hawaii!!!! duck and batten down yer stuff!!! should miss ye to the north..i hope....and ana is weakening thank the gods of sea and ma nature....billy boy is growing into the bad boy from hell--but seems to be going to the north more ---so might just skim the coast on the atlantic side---claudette was a bunch of bs from beginning--but decided to get into the action and is going up thru biloxi into the interior---whew----the noaa site is good for trsackin gcanes and storms--so is storm

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