Now that the Cuba embargo appears to be lifting, I'm curious if anyone here would boat there. I'd like to see Cuba, but I just don't know. You?

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Not sure I have the right boat for this. I would love to jump on a band wagon though. Perhaps fall into a convoy to somewhere.
Hmm,,,very interesting how so many of you have displayed such an avant garde attitude.......not surprising to me I guess cause it demonstrates how little most of you have travelled outside your country. Nothing wrong with hope that some of you will be able to do so sometime soon. Just don't be "ugly americans" as one of your own county man has already described you........once you open your will find an incredible adventure/world out there........
Its funny that we Americans have been dubbed as being the "ugly" tourists.

I have traveled a bit outside the country but on my own terms. Don't go with expectations and you can't be disappointed so there's nothing to be ugly about. The rudest people that we've met traveling by boat like we are haven't been Americans. Not even close.

s/v Veranda


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