Something (potentially) deep and philosophical to ponder during the cold months of the off-season:

On our boats, out on the water, I'm sure we've all seen plenty of sunrises and sunsets. Which do you like better, and why?

For my own part, it's a tough call. I think sunsets on the water are probably more beautiful, but at the same time, the sunrise might just be a little more meaningful, heralding the promise of yet another new day. (Another opportunity not to screw up too badly.)

All things being equal, I guess I'd cast my vote for sunsets.

Anyone else care to voice their preference?

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I would have to say sunrises. I typically only experience them on passage, mainly alone or in company of my watch mate. They can't be taken for granted as the sun may rise behind clouds or haze undetected sometimes. So when you see one it's always a gift. The gift of light after the dark hours of a night watch. The gift of the rest that comes at the end of the watch, as is often the case. The gift of a brand new day at sea...
I agree with Franc and for the same reasons. Few things are as welcome as sunrise after a night at sea - and that's especially true in the Autumn and Winter when the nights are soooooo long.

I love sunsets, too, because I see them more often.
Sunsets as well for me. Sunrise just happens too damn early. When we are at sea the sunrise seems to catch us by surprise. You can see its getting lighter, should be coming up any minute and you turn away for a moment and bam! its up.

s/v Veranda
I would always pick the 3-6 shift diliberately to see the sunrises are my favorite. When the sun would rise I always loved the way I would feel...........which is being a part of something greater then myself.
Keep those cards and letters coming, ladies & gents!

One personal postscript to the discussion: It occurs to me that, being an East Coaster, I mostly get to enjoy sunrises on the water (that is, if I'm awake at that hour). I've only seen a few really dynamic sunsets, where the sun slowly melts into the water (Long Island Sound, Sandy Hook Bay, Key West). Most of the time, the sun seems to drop behind a skyline or the like.

As I said initially, it's hard to top a sunrise for its meaningfulness. But then again, as one wag observed, "If God wanted me to see the sun rise, he would've made it later in the day."
LOL!!! You crack me up, Pete!
Still sunsets for me.

Took this a couple of nights ago in Minim Creek a couple of miles south of Winyah Bay.

s/v Veranda
Sunsets, they just seem to end the day with a relaxed feeling. Sunrises are great but I've never been a morning person and never plan to.
I love them both though see more sunsets. I love the fiery sunrises.. these are both sunsets.
Beautiful. Where were the photos taken?
First shot was Abacos as front was rolling in thanksgiving.
2nd shot East Hampton New York looking over Hook Pond & Atlantic
It's really a question whether you're a morning person or a night person. Sunrises take more effort, therefore are worth more. Anyone can stay awake for sunset! ;-,) BTW, I experienced a wonderful sunset a while ago at the Marriot Frenchman's Reef.


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