You pay shipping (envelope and postage, I suggest USPS book rate but it's up to you).

Over two years living aboard and I'm still weeding things out. You might look them up on amazon for fuller descriptions. I have the following, each listed with why its on the "to go" pile:

Annapolis Book of Seamanship, 3rd ed, John Rousmaniere
- good book, good reference but I like Chapman's better and don't need both.

Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing, Scott Bannerot & Wendy Bonnerot
- excellent book, I ended up with two copies and only need one

Good Boatkeeping, Zora & David Aiken
- fast, mildly interesting read, somewhat basic and not a great reference

Creating Comfort Afloat, Janet Groene
- interesting read, opinions may differ and I'm beyond this level

Living Aboard, Gordon & Janet Groene
- good overview, I have more technical references for specific subjects

The Essentials of Living Aboard, Mark Nicholas
- another overview text

Smarter Charters, Christopher Caswell
- good material, I have my own checklists from years of chartering

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die, Chris Santella
- good winter read, I have a list of where I want to go - some overlap with these 50, some different.

Pirates Aboard, Klaus Hympendahl
- interesting case studies, a bit dated, I don't expect to want to read it again.

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Changing Course, A Woman's Guide to Choosing the Cruising Life, Debra Ann Cantrell
- outstanding book good for men as well as women, again I ended up with two copies and only need one
Dave do you still have this one? happy to do a trade from my books for sale...
Thanks, I am sailing to the Bahamas in late March or early April if all goes well. I have wanted to get info on the best way to fish on the way and also once there. Does your book (Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing, Scott Bannerot & Wendy Bonnerot- excellent book, I ended up with two copies and only need one) have any details on fishing in those waters? How can I go about getting a copy if it is still available? Should I send a check, and if so do you have a guess as to what shipping would cost.
Jim Connors
cell 865-951-5933
Hi Jim -

Cruiser's Handbook to Fishing is a pretty general text. It's definitely applicable to the Bahamas. If you want it, it's yours. I'm working on the honor system here. If you send me your address (click on my picture and then on the 'send a message' link over toward the left) I'll send you the book and message you back with the cost. Cost will be the USPS cost for a mailing envelope and whatever book rate postage is, no extra charges. I'm just giving SeaKnots folks first crack at books that would otherwise end up in a book swap.

regards, dave
Hi Dave,
Sorry for the delay. I have a hard time getting on this site since I have dial-up.... out in the boonies that's the best we have. Anyway, if that book (Cruiser's Handbook to Fishing is still available, I would be more than happy to pay your postage, etc to get it. But please reply to my email address ( so I can get a reply back ASAP. My address is 724 SABLE ROAD, SPRING CITY, TN 37381.
Jim Connors
I have the Pirates Aboard. I like the "what i did wrong" and "what I should have done different" assertions. Certainly my fav. incident was where the guy answered his hailers' call butt nekid, loading his flare gun. Hellarious.

Will add these titles to my bucket list of reads.
Did you know that Stephen Phillips (see the story about S/V Gone Troppo) is a SeaKnots member?
I do. Send me a mailing address and it is yours. dv
I'll look before I drop it in the mail.
Looks like about 12 of the 50. Some of the rest are on my list ...
Hello Dave:
Do you still have the Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing book?
do you still have annopolis book of seamanship


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