Have you thought about casting off from your day sail and just continue to head south?

I am sure many sailors going out for a day sail have had the dream of casting off and heading south for months, years or forever. I would love to hear your thoughts ...

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Wow, what a change. Congrats on the courage. Were your friends and family supportive?
When we got married I arranged for us to spend our honeymoon sailing from Vancouver to Kailua-Kona as crew on HMBark Endeavour. No turning back after that.
After decades of dreaming/planning it is finally happening - except that I started north (for the summer) first along the east coast of the US. A new Leopard 40 catamaran named Changing spots. You can follow the obstacles along the way on my website (no advertising).
Stick close to home while you learn the new boat and all the complexities. Then add the rest of the equipment you determine you really need (or want). This Fall it will be south, and then?
Hey, Robert, can you post your adventures on SeaKnots as well? This way we dont have to go back and forth from here to your website. Would love to folow your progress as well.
Thanks. Would like to, but internet access is often hit or miss, and I already have a following for my website. Someday, when things get caught up, and I learn how to blog, it will probably happen. So much of this is new to me.
I posted a couple of photos in a reply to Lola.

If you want to start blogging I suggest

Its free, easy to use, if I can do it anyone can.

Bill s/v Veranda
Great boat name-especially for the journey you are on.
This November.

There will be three boats: 32, 42 and 46 feet. One to Costa Rica. One to the South Pacific and one to the Carribean.

Rather than the Baha HaHa we are calling ourselves the Boho HoHo

Cynthia and Chris
Well.. add something else to your considerations... Could you wrap up a "day job" and take it with you? I have seen people paint and to other productive work.. I can get WiFi to do design work.. I would think you could also create art, music, and a whole lot more..

Casting off is good... taking our creative selves along is even better.....

I also think you should GO!!!


(( you might even take some Kites to fly... I know.. who flys kites!!? but just try it!!))
FWIW... there are great "sailboat communities" all over the planet.. some folks go and teach English in Asia... they learn a lot - and give back in return.... Take your art with you!!

Hi all,
Have done it twice.
After dreaming and working on the idea for 20 years in 1992 I took off for a couple of years in S.Pacific on a real shoestring budget. It was a great cruise but very annoying without much money.
I stopped in American Samoa to work for about 9 months during the cyclone season, before eventually returning to SoCal.

MAGI with a bone in her teeth sailing from Moorea to Riateaa.

Second time more recent. In May 2006 I left Jax, FL for an extended cruise, possibly around the world. I am now in South Africa and will head for Brasil late this year. This time life is easier as my finances are in much better shape.

Like many things in life the hardest part about doing anything is NOT the money or technical aspects or talent or ability or experience nor anything else. There is but one requirement. Making the "Decision".
While this may seem simplistic and most have at hand thier list of reasons "Why I Can't" right now or in the forseable future or ever. The answer is always "Make the Decision". Then all the hurdles seem to fall away or go from 10' high walls to 6" curbs.

If you want "It", whatever "It" is then make your "Decision", Yes or No, all else is the drama we create to keep us trapped or even more insidious, to make us think we are safe.

If Steve and JaJa Martin can circumnavigate aboard a 25'(heavily modified)Cal with two babies aboard then anyone can go sailing. There are many, many other examples that could be cited. And they all have one thing in common, "Making the Decision".

FENIX sailing in strong SE trades from Nuie to Tonga.

Take care,
I'm currently reading the book "A Year In Paradise - How We Lived Our Dream" by Stephen Wright Watterson. He and his wife took their 30-foot sailboat from Ohio, down to the Florida Keys on the ICW, and back again. It's fun reading for me because I would LOVE to do this in a few years, after we retire.
I also enjoyed the book "An Embarassment of Mangoes" by Ann Vanderhoof. They sailed their 42 ft sailboat from Canada to the Carribbean! I couldn't put this book down!


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