Thinking about getting a pet (dog or cat) for the kids and were wondering if anyone had any advice for liveaboards. Do they need special training? What's the process like when entering different countries?(Caribbean and Med, mostly) How do you keep them from falling overboard?

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A good resource is on the SSCA website ( The Seven Seas Cruising Association. You have to join, (not a bad idea because they have so many resources for cruisers. The Pets Onboard page is very informative. Check it out.

Hey thats great. Thanks. Can you post some of it here so we don't have to go back and forth from one site to the other?
Im tired of beating my self blue over what to put down to keep my dog from flying off during a knock down blow. He is my crew and works great as his ideal weight distrubution (here or there) is nothing to debate over. Ive tried tying a rubber mat to the foredeck but it was light weight and ripped. Is "rhino liner" slippery when wet? Should go ahead and glue down something permanent (treadmill mating)? I dont want to paint the deck and through sand on it. What would you do? We race thursday, so I gotta hurry.

Maybe just a heavier rubber mate?
Can't leave him at home!

Just brainstorming..... Maybe those rubber shower mats that have suction cups on the bottom? You could perhaps cut them to fit and remove them easily. I think tying something to the deck would be a tripping hazard for both of you. Anything permanent would be...ummm... permanent. Hard to undo later and may effect the resale value of the boat.

There's my two cents. I'll probably get change back.
Preshate the come back. I went out today, got me some of that anti fatigue rubber mat, 36x36 20$ from a local 'super box got all, sell all' store and cut for where i need it. He'll really be able to get his toe nails in those holes. Just gonna have to rely on his reaction timing now. Gonna have to tie it to the fore deck, but no step for stepper, aye? lol.

Thanks for yer help. Sorry, I cant break a two cent piece. lmao

We have been living aboard with little Tinkerbelle now for about 18 months. It took a long time to get her to go on the boat. We now use "puppy pads". She'll get up at night and use them. We leave her below when preparing to leave an anchorage. When she hears the engine start and the anchor being pulled, she heads for her pad and does everything. Be patient, heap praise and give them a treat and they usually will understand. We talked at length with our vet about it. Early on Tink would go for 30+ hours without going. We were concerned as she is a little dog weighing just 5 pounds. Vet said "she'll go when she has to". We still worried, but finally it worked out.
Wow! Dogs ringing bells... Hope they don't ring the bell every time they just want attention!

I also have a dog. Goes on the Foredeck as well on "astro turf" mats. Tie line to it and toss over board. The plus is good companionship. Some security.
The minus is it limits travel in country.

S/V TaniaJane
currently Rio Dulce Guatemala
Tinkerbelle in Georgetown, Bahamas
We just finished our 1st week long trip on the boat with our new family member, Freckles. :) She pretty much slept the entire trip while we were on the way - is this normal? I'm trying to determine whether the vibration of the engine or water just relaxes her so much that she goes to sleep [ considering that's what typically happens to me :) ] OR she was just feeling sick and felt better just closing her eyes.
I too was surprised by how much our dogs sleep while we're underway. Dogs sleep alot more than most people realize, its just that when their there in the cockpit with you it becomes obvious to you.

I wouldn't sweat it.


Thanks for the feedback.



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