I would love to have a good stock of food on my boat for that unexpected weekend trip. I have read that you can do a lot with canned foods. I am not familiar with using canned food besides beans and corn.

In doing some research, I see that there is canned meat and canned fish (not just tuna).

I never realized how much I rely on fresh foods. Are there canned items that you have found to be tasty and good to have for the last minute trips or longer voyages?

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found freeze dried mushrooms at costco---huge container and just need rinsing and soaking for a coupla minuets and store forever......goood in pastas and soups and in everything fresh are foood
I have used a lot of Brinkman's canned meat. Great stuff, large cans with good meat filled all the way to the top with very little if any fat included. I ordered a mixed case to begin with to try them all out and have had great success. Their web site is: They have more than just the turkey that they raise, they have chicken, pork, turkey and beef. Plus hamburger (good for spaghetti sauce), and all white meat turkey, etc. I always get just the straight meat (they offer soups and things with noodles), as I figure I can add that all to it later.

These canned meats will save you time as you can add them at the end of your recipe, since it is already cooked.

I found that the canned roast beef from Trader Joe's is very good and reasonably priced. Not too fatty and doesn't have the gravy. They also have canned chicken that's pretty good.

Has anyone tried any freeze dried foods - and any recommendations on powdered milk that tastes good?
I have tried the Harmony House dried foods and they are quite good.

Web address:

They have a sampler pack to try things out that I can recommend. For example: the corn is amazing, that it will taste as good as it does after looking a bit wrinkled in its dried state. I will say after a few years (3) they do not look as good as they once did, so I recommend you eat them before that. I found some old ones when we unloaded the boat this past fall.

D & Don
Thanks for the suggestion. Went to the site and couldn't find how many 8 oz servings are in the 5.5 lb can. Can you provide any more info in that area? Thanks, Lorraine
Thanks. My husband is good at math so I'll ask him, but yes that helps.
Wanted to let everyone know that I bought the Peak Milk Powder. Does taste very good. A 5.5# can has 104 servings - the 14 oz can has 17 servings. We bought some instant non-fat milk from Emergency Essentials #10 can size - combined it in a 1:3 Peak:Non fat milk ratio and vaccum sealed it to make 1% milk. Haven't tried the combo yet, but think it would be good. Need 2-3 cans non-fat milk to 1-5.5# can Peak.


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