Let's build a collective list of sailing movies!

Here's the first one: DEAD CALM featuring Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill

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Believe it or not just saw JAWS 2...hokey...but did have many sailboats in trouble.
Just saw KNIFE IN THE WATER..good shots of sailboat and sailing it...all is on the boat. B/W..Dir Roman Polansxi

A beautiful sailboat is in the movie at all times.....does anyone know what kind.?

I get my movies on line from GRABOID.....$4.98 per i don't work for them.
have to go with white squall and summer rental
This is a popular theme. After perusing all of the offerings I realised that the sailing movie Overboard had been overlooked. Not to be confused with the Kurt Russell and Godie Hawn comedy, this 1978 made for TV classic stars Cliff Robertson and Angie Dickinson.

"Overboard" is a gem of a movie. It stands far above the vast wasteland of made for TV movies. What makes this movie memorable even after 30 years, is that it breaks all of the usual formulas and rules, shedding the obvious action-adventure treatment for something truly different and in my opinion far better, and deeper.

Filmed on location in the South Pacific with excellent photography and production values, director John Newland weaves the tale and the able cast into a rich fabric that will keep you thinking for a long time to come. Though the characters are well developed, they are intentionally ambiguous, inviting personal interpretation.

The director and cast peel back the layers of a troubled couple's relationship: the human emotions; the failings; the ambitions; and the hidden agendas, and strike a very dark, ominous tone. It's moody, broody and nostalgic, but strangely satisfying. It grabs you and pulls you in. Like it or not, you are dragged along as if by a powerful force of nature. You think you know where the sailboat is headed, and perhaps the characters as well. But you don't!

How well do we really know each other? And ourselves?
Oh yeah! I read the book. Didn't know there was a movie! Is it out on DVD??
Overboard with Cliff Robertson and Angie Dickenson was released on DVD. Finding a copy of it is another matter. eBay, Craigslist, and nautical swap meets would yield the best chances of finding a copy.
omg i thoiught dead calm was THE worst movie i have seen since night of the walking dead lol......bu tit did get to be a cult clasc, as it were...LOL.......
for good fun ones---the pirates of the caribean were fun, perfect storm wasnt quite what the book had, was ok.....havent seen wind yet but wanna, master and commander was good......there are many i havent seen----let me read your lists first lol

oh yes--overboard--was a gas----with goldie---the older original was gooood.....
White Squal was a good one.
If you liked the movie White Squall and would also enjoy a 'Paul Harvey' moment, I recommend reading Song Of The Sirens by Ernest K. Gann to learn "The Rest Of The Story". Gann bought the Albatross in Holland and sailed it to the San Fancisco bay where he had it converted from a pilot schooner to a brigantine. He was steered to the boat by none other than Sterling Hayden, an acquaintance, then after its conversion took Albatross on a cruise to the south pacific with a crew of friends. The vessel was offered for sale after completing the voyage where it was acquired by the man that ultimitely would lose her to the weather phenomenon that gave the movie White Squall its name. Compounding the tragedy for Gann was the drowning of the ships cook who Gann had hired in Holland and had served aboard the schooner before Gann's involvement. Although Song Of The Sirens was never made into a movie, it is a wonderful read by a talented author whose literary skills were considerable.
How about 'Four Seasons' with Alan Alda? I wouldn't say it was one of the best movies I ever saw but I was able to watch it a few times and found it somewhat entertaining.
My two favorites are:

Longitude: A great film about a simple carpenter in the 1700's that built clocks from wood that were accurate to one second a month and his quest to perfect a timepiece that would enable sailors to determine their Longitude at sea.

Deep Water: Another great film based on the first "Around the world alone" race. Actual footage of Knox-Johnson, Chichester (sp) and Montessier (sp).


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