I like the concept of this web site but its missing something . . . a chat room or instant messaging. People can't talk to each other in real time. I think the creator of this site should ask for the Yahoo Instant Messenger screen names of its members. Of course giving that out would be entirely voluntary and up to the subscribing member

If you are not familiar with Yahoo Instant Messenger, visit this link "" and check it out. It is a free service. You can chat in real time by text or audio, or you can even do a webcam chat.

You can leave your Yahoo ID's here if you like so that others on Seaknots can chat with you when you are online.

Ok, so I'll start this off with mine. You can also include this ID on your profile if you like. I created this screen name alias on Yahoo just for SeaKnots: RedVulcan1600

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Brilliant idea, Vulcan! Check out the current feature on the front page:


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