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While trimming the...

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While trimming the bushes in the deserted island were fishnet on prop sounds.They were confused by seafarer, the youngest shipwrecked,and the sounds of drunken crew. This all added A BIG SURPRISE yet everyone knew not to worry because of the wonderful time they were all having.

Now it was up to Lola to welcome them and she said everybody should go to the cave for a drink! For if anyone,was to get off the docks, a sailor would of all people need to be inured before the move could be executed before dawn, thereby relieving the tension that had been created by the situation. The dawn came with alarming news that additional time was
the reason IKE
tearing up my
genoa, a large....
necessity aboard cutters
"No estoy seguro."
We will fly
what Lola wanted.
for the boat
as their leader.
Obama made it!
[A pirate shouted.]


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