Trying to keep the blog entries organized as I anticipate the writing of an inspirational book, I number the events as Year 1, 2, and such followed by the Day of what happens during a particular time. Year 1 started in Janaury 2013, the first year of my retirement. Year 2 began January 2014. The Days, such as Day 1, Day 2 refer to particular times. Although I did not blog my Bahamian and cross country trips, along with my life in Everglades City, I do have a written diary of such. Does this make sense.

The past few days represent the transition from my life as part of a couple, with all its wonderfulness, trials, and those horrid tribulations, to life as a single 65 year old healthy, interesting woman. Today, is another beginning. Day 1 as I prepare to go offshore, over the horizon some may say. Choosing Boot Key in Marathon, Florida Keys, is a great place to start. There are over 200 cruisers and live a boards at the mooring/anchoring field.  West Marine, discount suppliers, engine shops, grocery stores, and restaurants are within a mile. A bicycle would make a better mode of transportation, but where to store it on board isn't worth the investment at this time.

While planning to sail across the gulf stream to Andros Island, the biggest concern is problem solving. It amazed me that someone had to show me how to stow string so one doesn't spend hours untangling the mess. Over the years I tried all sorts of ways to no avail. From stuffing it in a zip lock bag, to making small bundles into a big one, it was always a frustration. Then, suddenly, a friend said, "Here is a stick, wrap the string around it and quit wasting your time." (see pix below) Today's challenge figuring out how to 'unstick' the roller furling head sail...' 

Well, well, well. Walla kazam. In a half hour I had the bundle neatly wrapped. You can use a pencil or a toilet paper roll. What matters is you use something solid that you can wrap the string around in neat little rows. As you can see from the picture, it became a work of art.

Two things I am currently looking for are: (1) someone to make hard copies of my blog and  (2) a buddy boat for the next leg of my adventure. 

In the meantime, I will hang out at Boot Key. You can follow my course on SPOT Adventures. 

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