Being a born and bred Jersey girl it is embarrassing to admit it wasn't until the summer of 2006 that I figured out where Sandy Hook is and why it is called Sandy Hook. After all, I spent most of my summers growing up at the Jersey shore. Asbury Park was a favorite Friday night spot for the family to stroll the boardwalk, grab the rings on the once famous merry-go-round, and spend endless hours in the penny arcade. These were the days way before Bruce Springsteen presented his paradoxical droaning voice against his sexy phsyique in those oh so tight blue jeans.

Oh wait, we were talking about discovering Sandy Hook. Even more embarassing is that in the fifth grade I clearly remember the teacher posted the map I colored showing all the counties in New Jersey on the bulletin board. I was so proud of the way I made the eastern shore jut up and away from the towns of Perth Amboy, Carteret and Rahway. I even recall spending a few family trips to Keensburg where my dad and I would race go karts. For some reason we never went to Sandy Hook. Doing the minimum required school work, I never thought to find out what the tip on the eastern shore was called.So that section was not labeled.

Want to know where Sandy Hook is? Turn on the internet and do yourself a little search. It won't take long to find the Verazzano Bridge, Coney Island, and the adjacent Sandy Hook. There is a national park along the point with about a 2 mile bike path. On the east side is the Atlantic with the basin on the west side. Atlantic Highlands is on the inside of the hook with the town of Sandy Hook a few miles west of the point. It is a great anchorage, especially for beach able boats.Within a few hours you can sail north under the Verazzano and make a loop around the Statue of Libery. The fourth of July hosts a huge celebration and annual sailboat race around the lovely lady.

If you haven't been you might want to contact the Sandy Hook Catamaran Association. There is about 200 yards of beach front property. You can camp right on the beach and the locals are most hospitable. Lasty tor those in pursuit of sailing trivia, Sandy Hook was the first anchorage on Tania Aebi's Maiden Voyage.

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Comment by Marlene A. Sassaman on March 22, 2009 at 10:44am
Oh yea, Seaside Heights in its heyday; every summer week-end throughout high school I was there! Perhaps we met in the penny arcade where I'd easily slip ten dollars worth of nickels into the slot proclaiming I was 'thee skee ball champ.' Love that game. I hated those dern tickets though , , , When I was in the area of Asbury Park in 2006 that too was a disatrous slum. It needs an environmentally friendly, Donal Trump, billionaire to ressurect the jersey shore
Comment by Kevin Kirkendoll on March 22, 2009 at 10:31am
Ha Ha, I was born in Trenton, but we hung out at Sea Side Heights, which I hear is not very nice now days.

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