in the BEST sailing stae in the US...FLORIDA!!!  And hasn't the weather been great?  YEAH!!  There is a reason that we endure hurricane season in this state and NOW is one of the main ones! 


I hope everyone is having a great year, and sailing as much as possible.  I have had some engine problems (fuel filters had to be replaced) but was out sailing last weekend with friends.  The Owl had her best foot forward!  Wind was pretty calm in the later morning, but picked up in the afternoon enough to blow us almost to the canal.  It was AWESOME!!


No ocean sailing for now as the locks are closed for manatee detection devise repair (or installation).  528 bridge in Merritt Isalnd closed for a month for only adds about 15 minutes to the journey to get to the Owl, but it makes those "trips down the street for that forgotten/needed ICE" much LONGER. 


All things considered, things are going well in 2011.  I hope everyone else is having a great year, as well.  I will try to blog more about humorous experiences while sailing or in my landlubber life during the week.


Stay dry, and Happy Sailing!!!

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