Gee, how's that for a title?  Oh noes!  A nonalliterative title....oh well!


Life continues on in the marina.  I will be moving into the Owl in 2 weeks, around the Fourth of July.


Bogie the bird enjoys being out on the deck in his cage watching and listening to everything.  The man across the dock whistles to him every morning, and Bogie is most enthusiastic joining in the chorus. African Greys are rulers of the whistle...and will always beat you in a contest. 


Raining most of yesterday (Sunday) and raining today.  Effects from hurricane Debby.  Why is it when I have a scheduled day off I still feel like I am playing hookey like Huckleberry Finn?   


Here is a link about Debby's track:  Rain hasn't been terribly hard today, but the wind has been gusty in spurts.  Looks like central Florida will get much needed rain from the bands.  I hope she dissipates before doing any major damage.

Everyone stays on their boats and does chores when the weather is like this.  I love rain.  Especially from my cockpit.  With just a bimini, no dodger.  It's downright cool just listening to the rain anywhere on a sailboat.  Another definite pro for this type of living. 

I am seeing way less roaches these days.  Roach gel baits.  Well worth the money. 


Dreaming the life and living the dream.  Stay safe, and dry....fair winds!


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