Boy, my mood has been changing like I'm racing on a light air, shifty course. First I am ecstatic with our ladies' team's performance this past Saturday. The first time on a different boat and we did awesome. Finally, after many, many days on the water, they are efficient with their jobs. It was great feeling to hear all the kudos from fellow sailors.

Second, I am depressed and crying again because when I crawl into bed there is no one to wake up and tell about my adventure. Remember, my husband of 30 years recently died. He was usually asleep before me, and despite his grumbling I'm now telling myself he kind of liked it when I'd put my arm around him and asked, "Can I tell you something?" Most times I'd get a moan while he opened one eye. Then, I'd babble on until well, , , ,

Third, I'm excited to be writing to my childhood girlfriend, Peggy. She contacted me through face book and I'm thrown into remeberances of the silly things we did as best friends do. Fourth, I recall how we drifted apart in high school. For me, it was an unpleasant four years due to my naive decision making. I'm sure Peggy and I will catch up and hope her years were more cherisable.


Fourth, the anger sets in because the boats of my dream are so way out of my budget and I'm afraid to tackle those I can afford. Be patient I tell myself. Afterall I still don't have a firm offer on SPRAY, my 28 foot tri. Although, Fifth, I"m curious as the broker is writing up a contract with a guy who has made a fair offer.


So, before I go back for my last hour's sleep til it's time for a morning swim in the outdoor heated pool, my head is swarming with curiousity, anger, excitement, depression and ecstasy. Wow, , , , all these emotions are swishing about as the light air shifty stuff is turning into a sea of sickness, uh-oh I better go get some ginger snaps!  


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Comment by ___/)ances With Sails on February 28, 2011 at 6:27am
ye sound tuned and prepared fer th puff headin yer way.  douse nothin and hang in there with whatcha got sailor.  see ye at th finish line.

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