Since our unscathed arrival last Monday, I have thought about the journey home. To tell you what an asset Maryanne is would be an understatement. Her demeanor keeps my attitude on an even keel. Her ability to troubleshoot is also calming. I have an issue with over oiling,,,,

Met some guys on s/v golden brown from Brooklyn. The captain and crew are quite good looking but a little young for me. More importantly their spirits were high as they designed a plan for jury rigging their broken mast. It broke at the spreaders a few hours before reaching Hamilton.

My satellite phone has allowed me to check in periodically with Chris Parker, weather forecaster. For some reason my chief land crew, Linda the housekeeper extroidinairre and I have been unable to connect via sat phone.

Again, I am a bit concerned about my ability to safely bring SPRAY and me home. I believe I have prepared as besti can. Bottom is clean, excepti have to scrub a little more on the zinc.all ring dings and cotter pins are freshly taped.the small jib and staysail need to be hoisted. They were removed during the thrilling storm thatrolledover us two nights ago (or was it three)? My big Jenny has a lot so curve and works well when reaching and is also work to tack. Whereas the smaller jib is flat, easily passes in front of staysail when tacking and is hopefully thebetterchoice for an upwind sail home.

Maybe it's presumptuous, arrogant and narcissic, but lord help me have a safe trip home. Love to all,


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Comment by Jim Malone on July 4, 2012 at 2:23pm

it sounds like a great trip!!!

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